Necessary Roughness Review: Levels of Insanity

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So, what type of therapist shows up on the previous therapist's doorstep in the middle of the night? Apparently one that gets $50,000 for level one.

"Losing Your Swing" introduced us to Lazarus, TK's new life coach, and it looks like this could be an interesting story arc. Good ole' Laz took TK out to party night after night to teach him restraint. It reminded me of a father who makes his teenager smoke the entire pack of cigarettes in the hopes that he'll never do it again.

Orlando Jones on Necessary Roughness

This appeared to be the same theory, just with a hefty price tag.

Dani remained professionally detached while Matt and Nico fumed. They didn't think much of Laz's therapy as they watched TK lose his lunch during practice, leaving Matt to quip:
Your ten step program looks like it's about to send TK into a twelve step program. | permalink

I loved the conversations between Matt and Nico. It sounded like Matt hasn't always approved of Nico's tactics. It made me wonder what the back story was between these two characters. 

On the home front, we actually had a Lindsey story that I kind of liked. Her new boyfriend was cheating on her and Dani broke the news to her daughter. Well, that was a no-win situation. Lindsey reacted predictably, but I still felt for her. It's never fun to get your heart broken and your trust stomped on.

Please tell me Jeanette isn't leaving the show. I've really enjoyed the scenes between Dani and Jeanette. They're some of the most fun and it's where we get to see all of Dani's insecurities come out. If they really send her to Barcelona with her new boyfriend, I'm going to miss her. Dani needs her quirky sidekick.

As usual, the patient of the week was merely okay. Nothing special here although, I'd never heard of the yips before. 

I didn't think much of Dani's new love interest. JD just came across a little sleazy to me. But the scene where Dani told him she's only been with two men in her life was brilliant. She was open and vulnerable and ready to take the leap. It was great to see Dani put herself back out there; I just wish she were doing it with a different guy.

In the end, TK completed level one of Laz's therapy. Lucky him. Now he gets to write a check for $100,000 to get to level two. I doubt Dani was charging those kind of prices.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Nico eradicates the cancer that has infected his locker room. This could definitely get interesting.

Losing Your Swing Review

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Terrence has a problem with boundaries. He's got none.


Dani: You met him at a wine tasting class?
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