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-Cash Carson has the "yips" and has lost his swing on the golf course. Dr. Dani tries to help.

-Cash's caddy, Wally has a drinking problem. Wally was once a great golfer but got into a car accident and never got his game back.

-Cash feels guilty because he let Wally get behind the wheel of the car the night of the accident. Dani deduces that the guilt is hurting his game.

-TK gets Lazurus Roland, a life coach to replace Dani. He's charging $50,000 for the first level of therapy and letting TK party until he physical can't any longer.

-Matt and Nico look for a way to get rid of Lazurus believing his methods could hurt the entire team.

-Dani starts dating JD, a professor she knew from school.

-Jeanette tells Dani she is moving to Barcelona with her new boyfriend.

-Dani finds out Lindsey's boyfriend is cheating on her and has to tell her. At first Lindsey is angry at Dani but eventually realizes the truth and cries on her Mom's shoulder.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Terrence has a problem with boundaries. He's got none.


Dani: You met him at a wine tasting class?
Jeanette: There's something to be said for adult education.