Project Runway Review: The Judges Won't Be Bedazzled

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Project Runway came back this week with a completely different challenge on "Go Big or Go Home," which featured our our designers making outfits for stilt walkers. Really? Who comes up with these things? 

Kim Kardashian on Project Runway

Thank goodness the workroom had very high ceilings. With only one day to get their look completed, everyone was sent scrambling. And this week's runway was an outdoor event with a live audience, a Project Runway first.

Better yet, as if that weren't enough pressure, everyone was paired up into teams of two. When Heidi brought out the dreaded button bag to draw names, you could feel the whole room tense. With Kim Kardashian as the guest judge, here's how the teams and the standings shook out.

Top Three:

  • Anthony and Laura made a red couture gown with feather accents. The judges loved it and declared it modern, dramatic, and exciting. On my personal list, it was my number-two pick.
  • Danielle and Cecilia made a chiffon pant and top with beaded accents.  I didn't like the puffy style but the judges thought it was great, except for the hair. The poofy updo was reminiscent of a 1960s housewife.
  • Kimberly and Becky's collaboration was a well tailored, military inspired pantsuit. I agreed with Kimberly that the pointy collar was a little too sci-fi but everything else was fantastic. It was my favorite and the judges concluded the outfit was impeccably done.

Surprises in the middle:

  • I would have thought Anya and Oliver would have been the dream team. They're both talented and creative. It wasn't that their outfit was bad, it just wasn't very inspiring. I really expected more from them.

The Bottom Three:

  • Bert and Viktor were the nightmare team. Bert was just an arrogant ass and Viktor couldn't hide his disdain. At least it felt like there were moments when Viktor tried but Bert took every opportunity to put him down. Their outfit was horrible. Michael Kors nailed it when he said it looked like drapery they took from a window treatment. I kept having flashes of that old Carol Burnett skit where she wears the curtain rod along with the drapes. This outfit belonged on the bottom.
  • Josh M. and Julie's romantic matador look lacked romance and felt like a giant costume with strange proportions. The judges called this dynamic duo Mountain Girl and Bedazzle Guy. No surprise they were on the bottom.
  • Fallene and Bryce attempted a Black Swan-inspired number, but Fallene cut the fabric wrong and couldn't complete the bodice. Bryce was more than happy to let her take the fall although he basically made an entire outfit that the judges thought was a cross between show girl tacky and boring ballerina.

So who won? Laura walked away with the victory and immunity for next week. I'm not saying she didn't earn it but she should give a big thank you to her partner. Anthony was the one person who supported his teammate fully while in front of the judges.

And who was out?  Fallene was sent packing. I felt for her. Bryce could have been more supportive of his partner but in the end if she couldn't figure out how to cut fabric properly she wasn't going to last long anyway.  But I'll be surprised if Bryce lasts much longer. When the judges use words like boring and amateurish, your days are numbered.

Go Big or Go Home Review

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