Rescue Me Review: It's Not Who You Know, It's Who You Blow

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So what - or, let's be honest, who - went down on this week's Rescue Me?

At the forefront, Tommy and his crew found themselves worried about their personal lives being investigated by Pam Keppler and her TV crew. After all, they've got enough dirt to fill up the Grand Canyon. All of them discussing their dirty laundry list of adventures was a funny way to visit memory lane. I forgot about Lou's nun sex-capades.

These guys have really been through a lot of outrageous circumstances. A lot.

Garbage Mouth Headline

Bringing back hockey and Tommy's cop ice rink rival, Todd, was another treat. These two were back to their bickering ways and the tension between the police and firefighters over 9/11 was certainly still there. What better way to deal with it than a good old fashioned bar fight?

However, I was highly disappointed that the whole hockey game was skipped over and the show jumped straight to the bar scene. I was looking forward to seeing some on-ice banter and action.

Moments that reflect and bring back up past experiences are great ways of maintaining continuity, but also illustrate that the writers don't forget about everything that happened before. It also makes this final season feel more complete, like it truly is headed towards an end.

But where would the episode be without a little "Head?" Hello, sex scandal.

Apparently, Pam really likes to be in front of the camera. I guess she always has a backup job if news reporter doesn't work out. I was really pleased when her nosy little self sat like a deer in the headlights after Sheila showed her that she had video. You start digging around in other people's lives, it's only fair that others do it right back.

I was rather surprised at Mike's revelation. True, it did end up helping Tommy, releasing him from his suspension. Yet I never got the feeling that Mike was gay, not to the degree this season has made him. I knew he had been confused during the earlier seasons and hooked up with both girls and guys (hence the gay jokes), but I thought he had established himself as straight or at least bi. 

I guess he finally feels sure about himself and who he is as a person, which is great growth considering his character was rather all over the place. Remember when he stalked the girl who dumped him back in season two? Yeah, he's come a long way. Mike certainly exudes more confidence, even if he still comes across as simple minded. Plus, he's still there for his friends and fellow firefighters. Good for you, Mike.

It was an interesting choice for Sheila to carry out the blackmail. I guess she hasn't really had much to do since she's been stuck in the apartment. That said, Sheila did it with such a passionate force and "you think you've got me, but I've got you" attitude that she really was the best choice to stick it to Pam and HQ. Additionally, her final lines about doing it for the Gavins proved how far Sheila has come. She's stepped up for family and for a family she wants to be a part of.

These gradual changes are slowly, but surely, happening for everyone. Most importantly, Tommy seems to have gotten Kelly's message and even Needles' speech about thinking about others. Taking back control of his female run apartment was an important step. Telling Janet and Sheila how he honestly felt and how everything was going to work, and positively work for everyone, was fantastic.

They may be a dysfunctional family of liars, cheaters, stealers, and drunks... but they are still going to be a family that works and stays together. You've got your manhood back, Tommy.

Things may seem to be going in a positive direction for the characters. but I'm still waiting for some eventual downfall to take place. Pessimistic? Maybe, but if something feels too good to be true, it probably is.

After all, Tommy Gavin staying out of trouble? What show do you think you're watching?

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Rescue Me Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Needles: Tommy, I need you to go home. Don't do anything stupid for about a month.
Sean: That's not gonna happen. Did I say that out loud?

Lou: I married a hooker.
Needles: He married a hooker. I married a Russian mail order bride.
Sean: Uh, I married Maggie.
Needles: Which I'm banking on makes the hooker and the mail order bride seem sensible.
Black Shawn: I'm marrying Colleen.
Needles: Which is gonna make marrying Maggie look like a day at the beach. No offense, Tommy.
Tommy: None taken.
Franco: Yeah, well, I guess I could be considered a deadbeat dad.
Needles: And a conspiracy freak.
Mike: My gayness.
Lou: The whole nun thing.
Franco: Lesbo girlfriend.
Mike: Extreme gayness.
Needles: You know what's sad. Him being gay is the least of our public relations problems.