True Blood Review: "Spellbound"

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Hurry up and choose your side, True Blood fans. Practically everyone else did on "Spellbound," as storylines continued to converge while, ironically, friends were torn apart.

Can Tara and Sookie ever come back from being on opposing teams in the Battle at Bon Temps Cemetery? Because this is a TV show, the answer is likely yes. But I'd never forgive my BFF if she ever set out to destroy my true loves. Gotta put my foot down somewhere, preferably across Antonia's throat.

Talking to Marnie

Clearly, I'm on Team Vampire here, but I've said it from the introduction of Marnie: it's refreshing to have an enemy viewers can fully understand. I'd likely want to murder all blood suckers, too, if I were Antonia. Same for Tara. Consider all she's been through.

In my ideal conclusion to this season, Sookie actually kills Tara while defending Bill and Eric. The series will never go there, but don't tell me that wouldn't add another layer to Sookie's character, as well as the kind of morally grey intrigue that leaves fan buzzing and debating all winter long.

Plus, someone has to die, as we debated in last week's True Blood Round Table.

That person clearly won't be Jessica. At least the episode didn't drag out the possibility of her demise, as Jason put his high school football skills to good use within the opening seconds. I wasn't surprised, and I'm happy for reasons that go beyond how gosh darn cute Jessica is: specifically, Hoyt's reaction to their break-up.

Might he join Team Antonia? It would make sense, wouldn't it? I'm always for well-drawn out relationship developments that involve friends turning into enemies or vice versa. Maybe Hoyt will die!!!

Morbid curiosity and hopes aside, let's focus on Eric's nude body, shall we? I assume that was the much-hyped shower scene? To which I reply: Really?!? We've spent so much time away from fairy land, and the meaning behind it still seems so unclear, that I was simply bored when these two somehow got it on under the snow. Am I even right in assuming the fantasy setting was related to Sookie's ancestors?

It's just confusing, which is not the emotion one should really have when witnessing Anna Paquin and Alexander SkarsgÄrd naked. In positive fairy news, though, I laughed out when Sookie thanked her weird light power for finally working.

Elsewhere in a solid, albeit slower-than-usual episode:

  • My attention was piqued for the first time this season when Sam faced down Alcide's packmaster. I probably should have seen that connection coming, but I'm actually interested to see where it goes.
  • Please... make... Tommy... go... away.
  • Speaking of Alcide: snoooooze. Does this guy do anything but pine over Sookie? Make your move or just move on, buddy. And take your shirt off as you decide, please.

What did everyone else think? Are you as hungry for a major death as I am? Who should it be?

Spellbound Review

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