True Blood Round Table: "Cold Grey Light of Dawn"

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Is Jessica dead? Do we want her to be? Does Andy have a shot with Holly? Will Alcide end up with Debbie?

In the latest edition of the True Blood Round Table, Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal is joined by staff members Eric Hochberger, Carissa Pavlica and Jim Garner as they delve into "Cold Grey Light of Dawn." Reader feedback on the following topics is always encouraged...


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: All the silvering. Gotta give props to the special effects team throughout. I could practically smell the flesh burning.

Eric: Sookie and Eric doing it everywhere. Not because I'm a particularly big fan of this couple, but because that was hot! Plus, it's been awhile since we've seen Anna Paquin's boobs. I was starting to forget what they looked like.

Carissa: Sookie and Eric talking after their sexcapade. They asked and answered real questions. I've always thought it was through survival and circumstance that Eric was on the evil side - and I believe he will retain some of who he is now even if he gets his memory back.

Jim: Ginger riding Pam's coffin. Ginger gets put through a lot of crap, yet she still is willing to jump on a coffin floating two feet off the floor to try and keep Pam safe. That's loyalty... or addiction.

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Do you hope Jessica is dead?
Matt: I actually do. Look, I adore Jess. She's young and cute and there's tons of potential in watching her evolve into a mature blood sucker, one who understands her limitations and desires. But no one important ever dies on True Blood! (No offense, Eggs.) Considering the gore and blood and violence and supposedly high stakes, we need a main character to actually perish soon, before we stop taking threats seriously.

Eric: What!? Hells no! That fiery read head may no longer love Hoyt, but that doesn't mean I stopped loving her! She's so young by vampire - and, heck, even human - standards. She deserves a chance to "live!"

Carissa: Absolutely not! Jessica is one of the best characters on the show. She's gorgeous and spunky. She does not have my permission to die.

Jim: You mean Miss "I cheated and mind-wiped my boyfriend to avoid the argument"?? That Jessica? Hell no! I'm crossing my fingers that former football star Jason comes through the door with a body tackle! Vampire or not, she can't weigh more than a 100 pounds, so he could land them in a hall closet. Wink, wink.

Does Andy deserve a second date with Holly?
Matt: I'm not sure he deserved a first date. Asking a woman out within minutes of her home burning down, and then taking her all the way out to a booth in the restaurant at which he works? V is the least of Andy's problems. Dude needs to pick up game from Jason.

Eric: What!? Hells no! Send that guy to whatever miracle rehab Vinnie Chace got on Entourage. If that not-so-clever plot loophole could completely cure Vinnie, it should get Andy off that V fix. Then maybe, just maybe, he deserves another chance with that crazy Wiccan. Just next time? Please pick a better venue than Merlotte's. That place is being more over-used than the Mystic Grill.

Carissa: Andy needs to get clean before he has a chance with anybody. Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

Jim: Everyone deserves a second chance. But not until he is willing to admit he has a problem and follows through with the another 11 steps afterwards. I am sure there is a VA (V Anonymous) meeting in the area.

Will Alcide and Debbie live happily ever after?
Matt: No. There's a better chance of me getting excited over Sam and Tommy's storyline next week.

Eric: Of course. You saw that look of dread and that sound of hesitation when Alcie told Debbie it'd be forever, right? You can't fake that kind of unenthusiasm.

Carissa: I doubt Debbie will live happily ever after, so I hope to Hell she doesn't take Alcide with her. What a forced, unlikable couple.

Jim: After what? After he realize she's one step from rabid? After he admits he was jealous of Eric having her in the woods? Maybe. But not with each other.

Did Bill make the right call ordering all vampires to be silvered?
Matt: No. I'm a firm believer that the best defense is often a strong offense. You can't just lie down and let the other side do whatever it wants. Who does Bill think he is, President Obama?!?

Eric: Nope. He should have super-sized his silver order on Jess. Bitch be crazy.

Carissa: Absolutely. Too bad he missed that poor woman who melted on her lawn.

Jim: The only mistake Bill made was not telling Bucky to go home and stay out of the basement. Seriously, for a trained vampire body guard he's not very bright.  Hey, Bucky, rule #1: If a vampire is supposed to be wrapped in silver and has gotten free, stay out of arm's reach. Frakkin Duh!

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