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On this episode of True Blood...

- Antonia officially reappeared, having taken over Marnie's body and forced her vampire guard to free her and also track down Bill. The guard obeyed, but Bill manage to kill him just as he revealed Antonia's plan: resurrection.
- Assuming this meant Antonia wanted to finish what she started in 1610, Bill gave the orders to his sheriffs: all vampires would silver themselves in case Antonia set off a spell that forced them into the sun. Sookie remained with Eric and helped chain him down, while Bill did the same with Jessica.
- Convincing Tara to join her cause - after she sent her girlfriend back to New Orleans - Antonia got a nice coven going and did, indeed, cast that spell. Eric, Bill and Pam (who got rotted skin torn off, but has to now inject herself with medicine to multiple times per day to heal) all remained chained throughout it, but Jess broke free. The episode ended with her opening up the door in broad daylight, as Jason was wrestled to the ground by a guard in his attempt to save her.
- Andy's date with Holly went terribly because of V withdrawal.
- Sam threw Tommy out after learning of his Luna banging.
- Lafayette realized, via events in Mexico when he channeled Jesus' uncle, that he's a medium. He later saw the same black lady that Arlene's baby saw the week before.

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True Blood Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

It may be 10 minutes from now or 10 years, the moment you think you're safe, I promise I will hunt you down and f---in' shred you like confetti.


Tell her I was born the night she found me. Because of her I went to my true death knowing what it means to love.

Eric [to Bill]