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When I first heard Archer was returning for three episodes in the fall before its real return in the mid-season, I was a little skeptical of the gimmick. But leave it to FX and Adam Reed to do it right, by making the episodes a three-part special assignment, "Heart of Archness." Get it?

Archer on Vacation

Tonight's adventure joined up with Sterling just three months after losing his fiancee. Our man? Gone missing. When the ISIS gang has failed to find him, enter what I consider one of the best casting decisions this show has made: Brock Samson Patrick Warburton as Rip Riley.

The sky captain of yesteryear fit right in with the rest of the show's strange 70s vibe and the rest of the cast. As if combining my two favorite cartoons animated programs wasn't enough, you probably noticed David Cross, the fourth Arrested Development cast member to voice a character, as the pirate slave.

But enough of my obsession with the guest voices. All that matters was Archer brought the laughs. Oh and did I mention there were pirates!? Five-year-old Eric totally has a boner. Sploosh

There was even my Archer obsession of continuity and self-referential humor with Barry's cameo, Archer's tinnitus from gun fire, and, of course, the only stewardess in the Archer universe.

And, of course, Archer isn't just going to be a pirate. He's going to be a pirate king. I for one cannot wait to watch him lead with David Cross and Patrick Warburton's voices at his side and welcome this three parter as a great segue from Archer's loss to the return to "normalcy" for the ISIS gang.

So did you guys enjoy the episode or are you just angry with this little Archer tease? 

Heart of Archness: Part I Review

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Archer Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Archer: So excuse me for needing some time to grieve.
Rip: By tending bar and banging newly weds?
Archer: Apparently that's my grieving process.

Pam: What a hunk
Cheryl: Total sploosh.
Lana: Yeah, gotta give him a sploosh.
Gillette: And whatever my equivalent of sploosh. Which I guess is just sploosh. Only with semen.