Body of Proof Review: "Hunting Party"

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A "Hunting Party" led to a tragic death and a merry go round of suspects on Body of Proof this week, as there certainly were a lot of people who could have wanted Julie dead. This was a tough family to marry in to.

The fact that she didn't tell her husband she was pregnant struck me as odd. It seemed like there wasn't a lot of trust there if she told the business manager first and asked for an audit of her husband's finances. Talk about taking the joy out of the occasion.  

Victim in the Woods

And I loved how Martin's daughter knew exactly how much she and her brother would be getting from her father's estate, both with and without a new heir.

Megan was certainly giving Peter a lot of ribbing about his new girlfriend. Of course, he never copped to whether she was indeed his girlfriend or just a one-night stand who gave him a ride in the morning. Was Megan just having fun with him or did it bother her a little? I couldn't quite tell.

But then when Peter started to poke back he definitely took it a step too far when he brought up Megan's insecurities about Lacey. The best part was that he knew he took it too far and awkwardly tried to make it better. Unfortunately once something is said, you really can't take it back.

Lacey and Megan were kind of cute in this episode. It's nice to watch Megan make extra time to spend with her daughter, but please tell me she wasn't serious about buying her those shoes. No 14-year old should be wearing five inch heels and it's a mothers job to say so.

Then there's Kate, who acted unusually guilty after pulling Megan from the case. It seemed like she kept looking to Peter for reassurance but he was busy playing Switzerland.

The most pathetic moment was the killer begging Martin for forgiveness because he was so very, very sorry. Honestly, you purposefully killed the man's pregnant wife to cover your theft and now you're apologizing? You've got to be kidding!

Apparently Martin felt the same way because he responded with a bullet to the chest. I didn't see that one coming, but I could understand the sentiment. With a really good attorney, maybe he'll even get out of prison.

Body of Proof threw just enough curves to keep me guessing this week and provided enough personal interaction between our characters to make me want to tune in for more.

Hunting Party Review

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