Revenge Round Table: Debut Edition

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TV Fanatic is going all in on Revenge.

How much did we adore the series premiere of this new ABC drama? So much so that staff writers Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando, and Dan Forcella have gathered for a Round Table discussion of the Emily VanCamp-anchored series. Join the chat below, as they break down various aspects of the pilot...


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?
Leigh: When Amanda nonchalantly mentions seeing Lydia at the Southfork Inn with her "husband." Just one casual sentence and she set Lydia's entire downfall into motion.

Christine: Definitely the scene where Emily outs Lydia. It's done in one small sentence and yet the looks between those three women could burn a hole through the screen. Revenge is such fun.

Dan: Just to be different, I'll have to go with the opening sequence with the lavish party and Daniel's death on the beach. What a way to suck us all in to this world and get us invested in Emily.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

Which character interests you most, other than the fantastic Emily/Amanda?
Leigh: Virginia. That woman is definitely harboring a lot of secrets. You don't become the queen bee by just being nice.

Christine: I liked Nolan. He's the new money in the Hamptons and obviously the outsider, plus he's the only one who knows Emily's secret. Will they work together? Will he continue to keep her secret? And he seems rather young, how did he and Emily's father hook up to begin with. I'm intrigued.

Dan: The appealing nature of his quiet confidence makes me want to know much more about Jack. Anyone who holds a candle for his childhood sweetheart that long has to have a good story behind him and his dog.

Was Emily's revenge on Lydia enough, or is she just getting started on the blonde beauty?
Leigh: As Eddie Murphy mentioned in Trading Places, the best way to hurt rich people is to take away their money/social standing. I think Lydia's life will continue to unravel. Emily's work is done.

Christine: I think Lydia's life is taking a definite downward spiral thanks to that shove from Emily, but I wouldn't mind seeing her come back for more. It's like watching a cat play with a mouse. It never ends well.

Dan: I'm with Christine. I want Lydia to come back in the picture. Emily can surely do more damage than that. However, if Emily revenge list is longer than anyone thinks, maybe she doesn't have time to put any more effort into Lydia.

How long will it take until the flashbacks reach Daniel's death?
Leigh: At least half the season, if not more.

Christine: Perhaps all season. I think they have a 13-episode run. It wouldn't surprise me if that story arc takes that long to play out.

Dan: Yeah it seems like a season finale to me, but Emily was in such good standing with everyone at that engagement party, it didn't seem like she had been all that much trouble for the town.

For Gossip Girl fans, is it weird seeing Connor Paolo in this role?
Leigh: I thought it would be weird, but he hasn't had a good storyline on Gossip Girl since season one. Works for me!

Christine: I wish I could answer, but since I've never watched Gossip Girl I'm afraid I'm at a loss on this one.

Dan: That's too bad, Christine. And I agree Leigh, his days in the sun on the upper east side ended a long time ago. A slight move over to the Hamptons might be just what Connor Paolo needed!

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