Supernatural Round Table: "Meet the New Boss"

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Just how exciting was the Supernatural season premiere?

It has prompted three staff members, including main Supernatural critic Sean McKenna, to gather around for the first-ever TV Fanatic Round Table dedicated to this CW favorite. Below, Sean is joined by Carissa Pavlica and Kate Moon as they dissect "Meet the New Boss." Won't you join them?


Holy Cas! What did you think of that ending?
Carissa: Amazing performance by Misha Collins. He has always been a favorite, but I could see within minutes that he's merely been skimming the surface of his talent. I cannot wait for more of the Leviathan.

Kate: When fried-pickle-chips-loving Death mentioned the "Leviathan" it definitely got my attention. And seeing Cas so maniacally ecstatic under the influence of Leviathan definitely signals a whole new era for Supernatural!

Sean: I was so prepared for the new “God” storyline that the twist took me completely by surprise. That evil grin on Misha as the Leviathan and his maniacal line of “This is going to be so much fun,” had me eating every word with shock and excitement. What a strong way to start off the season.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Castiel. The New "God." Leviathan. What did you think of Misha Collins getting to play three different characters?
Carissa: Oops - I already answered that above. Astounding. He has a serious ability to go from dire to goofy without skipping a beat.

Kate: It's awesome! He's getting a chance to show off his acting chops, as Carissa pointed out. Castiel and "New God" are both tortured souls but as Leviathan he's just so... animated. I can't wait to see him have more "fun."

Sean: Misha really got a chance to flex his acting chops and it paid off big time. Each character felt so distinctly different and just as impactful. After seeing him play Castiel for so long, (and such a great addition to the show), I’m really excited to see him try out this new character.

Will Crowley ever become the big bad without being bested by someone else?
Carissa: No. He's not the biggest bad material. He's kind of a sidekick bad guy. He seems incapable of being absolutely sinister. Until he can tackle that, he'll always be tested.

Kate: Nah. Love Crowley and his dry humor ways but he said it himself: he doesn't run the show. But as a campaign manager to the Big Bads, he's quite effective.

Sean: Crowley has been one of my favorites when it comes to being a thorn in the Winchester’s side. I always keep waiting for him to take the number one position, but honestly, he does a far better job plotting in the background. It also allows him to last longer if the Winchester brothers have to worry about someone else trying to destroy/take over the world.

Do we really believe Lucifer's statement that Sam is still actually in the cage?
Carissa: I honestly don't know. But it definitely made me suck my breath in with doubt. I can't even stand the possibility that Sam may still be in hell. He looked crestfallen and I felt it in my heart. Lucifer is capable, I would think, of anything. I just hope this is a scam.

Kate: Personally I don't think so.  I think Sam's hallucinations will get worse, as in more convincing, before it gets better. Plus, it would be terrible if the entire Season 6 were just a figment of Sam's imagination.

Sean: I’ve heard certain fans wishing season 6 simply was a figment of imagination. It wasn’t that bad, guys! As for Sam, his ride on the crazy train looks to be just beginning, but I can’t believe that he’s still in the cage. What if instead, Lucifer got out?

Any thoughts on the season ahead?
Carissa: Based on the first episode, it looks like it will continue down the same path of each being better than the one before it. Bring it on!

Kate: Any season that shows more of Castiel works by me!  I just hope they don't kill him off in order to destroy the Leviathan.  I'm a covert supporter of Dean slash Cas.

Sean: I think everything is off to a strong start and I hope the season doesn’t lose its steam. This new Leviathan story looks extremely promising and I hope the boys get back to their roots a little bit (some ghost and urban legend adventures again, in addition to dealing with the larger problem). Either way, I’m excited the show’s back and I’m ready to take another journey with the Winchester brothers.

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