Survivor Round Table: "He Has Demons"

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What in the name of Russell Hantz happened this week? Russell's nephew, Brandon, went off the deep end. First, awkwardly revealing to Coach that he's Russell's nephew and then his even more awkwardly coming clean moment at tribal council. Russell certainly was not proud, but our Round Table writers are happy to sift through the wreckage.

As always we'd love to hear our readers take on the following topics...

Can anything good come out of Brandon revealing his secret to Coach?

Kyle Kalember: I really thought so initially because Coach is all about that kind of stuff. However, the way Brandon has haphazardly played the strategy aspect of the game so far has been a little crazy. He is clearly attracted to the Mikayla as was evident on two straight episodes where he says how much he hates her and then a slideshow of creepy Brandon staring at her from different vantage points immediately follows. He won't last long if he keeps trying to bully Coach and others to vote for people they aren't interested in voting for.

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Dan Forcella: Anything...well yeah.  Because Coach is all about trust and loyalty, the Dragonslayer will most likely be thinking that Brandon is putting his trust in him with that secret. Good, however, for Brandon...not for us. That means he is more likely to stick around, and we have to watch him for more than two weeks.

Luke Dwyer: At initial glance it would seem so because he's made a friend in Coach. However, we all know Coach can't keep a secret and once Coach tells someone else, it's over for Brandon.

Who's more paranoid, Brandon or Cochran?

Kyle: Brandon by a mile. Cochran just seems to try a little hard to get people to like him. I thought he was quite funny the first half of episode 1, but since he found out he was one of the ones on the block he's just trying too hard. Brandon legitimately has some paranoia and crazy in him.

Dan: Brandon. It's not paranoia in Cochran's case, because many people on his tribe actually want him to go home soon. Hantz, on the other hand, is above and beyond paranoid about Mikayla. Why he thinks she is being seductive we may never know. Nor will we know what his relationship with the lucky Mrs. Hantz is like, and why she has him so freaked out about being in the same vicinity as a girl in a bathing suit.

Luke: Brandon's afraid of himself while Cochran is afraid of everyone else. I loved the start of the episode where Cochran talked about being "cool Cochran" after tribal council and then went back to camp and couldn't keep his mouth shut yapping about how appreciative he was of staying in the game. Kid needs to learn what cool is.  Act like you've been there before.

You're Russell Hantz: What's your reaction to Brandon at tribal council?

Kyle: I am clearly unhappy with the way Brandon has completely messed up his position in the tribe. He was one of the guys at the top and now people are thinking about trust and he could be one of the ones next to go. He seems a long shot for the money. I do like how he tried to throw his weight around before tribal, but I'm thinking he could have done better.

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Dan: Hey moron! It's one thing to go around scheming to get somebody out behind everyone's back.  It's another to have that plan fail, and then announcing it to the entire tribe because your guilt can't take it anymore. What did you have to gain by revealing that information to the group. You gained a target on your back for the weeks to come. Not doing my legacy any favors kid.

Luke: I'm Russell Hantz, the King of Survivor. What you're watching on the screen is Brandon Hantz, the Pauper of Survivor. I would never let something like my faith or morals or breasts get in the way of getting what you want. That kid is not focused on winning and I'm ashamed to be related to him.

Will Stacey end up being crazier than NaOnka?

Kyle: Not possible. She is just a loud personality.

Dan: Extremely difficult to do. At this point I have no evidence to support such a theory.

Luke: Perhaps I'm forgetting how crazy NaOnka is, but Stacey was bringing it at tribal council this week. Did you see those eyes bug out? She's got potential.

Do you like that a Hantz is dominating Survivor again?

Kyle: He has done some very positive things, but I don't see him dominating this game. He has too many problems to keep his hidden crazy pent up that long. Anybody who talks THAT much about "having a wife and kid" and "being true to God" (seriously he's said it like 20 times) has likely done something he isn't too proud of in the past.  I don't think he's worried about Mikayla "Parvating" other men in the tribe.  He's worried about that happening to him. He's trying too hard and at some point we might find out why.

Dan: Dominating the screen? No I don't. I can't stand this kid, and I'm rooting for him to be eliminated as soon as possible. Did I want to see Russell back for another season? No, but he would be a pleasant welcome if he suddenly switched places with his nephew.

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Luke: I enjoyed the way that Russell dominated the game and the screen, but Brandon is not dominating the game and is only dominating the screen because of his last name and because he's a fool.

Bonus Question: Will the Red Sox make the playoffs?

Kyle: Yes, they will limp in and likely get swept round 1.

Dan: I sure hope not. Yanks with the clinch baby!

Luke: What a mess. I can't believe I support this team. They don't deserve to get in, but if they win 2 or 3 of their last six games they're a lock.  Unreal.

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