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In the reward and immunity challenge, Savaii wins.  The members of Upolu then begin to maneuver themselves for tribal.  Coach's core five decide to get Christine or Stacey out, but Brandon has different plans.


Russell's nephew can't handle being at camp with Mikayla and wants her gone.  He keeps telling his alliance, as well as Christine and Stacey, that he wants her gone.  At tribal the plan stays and Christine goes to Redemption Island with four votes to Stacey's three.


Ozzy partners up with Keith and Jim for a core alliance of three on Savaii.  They decide to bring Whitney and Elyse in as the two girls of their alliance.  Meanwhile, Ozzy finds a hidden immunity under a rock in a tree.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 2 Quotes

When it comes to friends, you can never have too many.


New Cochran doesn't follow Mommy's advice all the time. He cuts open a coconut when he needs to, and he does it by himself, with a machete.