Warehouse 13 Review: "Shadows"

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"Shadows" didn’t pack the emotional punch of “40th floor” and, while it would be hard to continue that breakneck pace, the dropoff to here happened a little too quickly... which is not to say there wasn’t a payoff for what happened before.

I’ve just come to expect more from Warehouse 13.

Jane Lattimer and Company

After finding out that Jane was Pete’s mother, it was a bit of a letdown to not see and learn more of her in the flashback. Sure, it was nice and emotional to learn why she chose to be a Warehouse Agent/Regent, but there was a definite disconnect between the writing and the scene. It could have been due a different actor playing a younger version of Mulgrew’s character.

More than anything, though, I blame young Pete and Jane. We know the two of them grew increasingly distant after his father’s death and we know everyone Pete has cared for in the past has left him. Still, didn't this disconnect happen too suddenly? Jane does not seem like the type of mother, Warehouse Agent or not, saver of the world or not, to pull away so quickly.

Thankfully, some of those concerns were allayed watching Jane tear up when Pete’s father told him why they do what they do. The same goes for seeing Jane tell Pete how important he is to her. I don’t agree with how everything was portrayed in the past, but that small moment between the two of them was beautiful (and funny, in typical Warehouse fashion).

The Artifact of the Week didn’t have any overlap with the mythology, yet it was a fun romp with just the women of the show. Plus, Claudia one-liners are a drug for me, and there was plenty of them here.  Most of all, we were treated to insight on Claudia. She had finally found a true friend in her own age group with Steve and he was fired, something she was against and was willing to argue with Artie over.

Speaking of Steve, it looks like all roads are pointing towards him. Claudia wants him back and our newly revealed bad guy, Walt, also wants him because he’s vulnerable. When Walt told Markus to find a way to get to him, I couldn't help but think: will Steve’s sexuality come into play here?

Shadows Review

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