Weeds Review: Show Me the Motivation!

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Weeds went all Jerry Maguire on us this week, delivering an opening montage that pitted Silas against Nancy in a clear rip-off/ode to that film's title character battling Bob Sugar for post-firing clients.

But while that movie is generally recognized as one of the best romantic comedies of all-time (sorry, guys, that's what it is), "Do Her/Don't Do Her" felt far less inspired.

Dean and Heylia

The penultimate episode of this season concluded with storylines converging and the stage seemingly set for finale fireworks. Will Nancy be denied Stevie? Will Detective What's His Name heed Emma's warning? Will Silas really screw over his brother? And is Andy serious about actually, finally, walking out of his selfish family?

I don't know, and the influx of characters about whom I know little leaves me not caring very much, either.

If Demtri were meant to play this key of a role throughout the season, I wish he had been introduced a bit better. Does anyone feel like they know a thing about this horny drug dealer? He just seems to be around to serve whatever storyline purpose is needed at the moment; which, in this case, meant calling his army buddies to tap into Silas' phone and then stage a car jacking of Heylia and Dean. (Ummm... okay.)

What did Nancy think was going to happen when she told her occasional lover that she wanted to teach her son a lesson?

But at least we did return to the issue of Stevie's custody. It's been on the back burner so long that I can smell smoke through my TV screen.

The only problem is that I don't want Nancy to end up with him. Sure, her sister seems isn't a likable character, but compared to Nancy Botwin? Stevie is residing with Mother Theresa. It's perfectly fine to feature a main character that lives in a grey area, or even a black one (you're reading a review by someone who swears by The Shield), but we need to at least understand that individual's motivations.

Can anyone say that's the case with Nancy? She's not after money, or family, or love, or .... anything. It's just, gosh, I don't even know at this point. The thrill of the drug game?

So, yes, Weeds has done a decent job establishing sides and stakes heading into Monday's finale. But I can't say I want anyone to actually win.

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Weeds Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Shane: Ask me why I'm like a musician.
Nancy: Why are you like a musician?
Shane: Because I'm playing that detective like a fiddle!

Let him back into your life or I'll come to one of your faggoty track meets and take a bat to your kneecaps.