Castle Round Table: "Head Case"

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Castle tackled the world of cryonics this week, to mixed results.

How did our Round Table team of Chandel Charles, Courtney Morrison, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica react to various aspects of "Head Case?" Find out in the discussion below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chandel: I really liked the end when Castle and Beckett both agreed that they hoped that couple made it. I enjoy these little moments when it seems they convey something to each other - without a single word being directly said about their relationship. It's nice considering we know that the Caskett movement is happening but won't really be "on" just yet.

Courtney: My favorite scene was the reaction to the frozen bodies. This cast sets the bar for acting with expressions.

Christine:  I loved when Kate joked about not needing implants as she and Castle walked onto the Coeds Gone Crazy set. The looks between the two of them were really cute. Add to it Kate calling Castle on his reaction to the girls. Having a college aged daughter has certainly changed his perspective. He wouldn't have had that reaction in season one.

Carissa: Don't laugh: when they were climbing around the big silver rooms. It felt like we were watching Castle in Space. 

Castle RT - depreciated -

Is it realistic to think that Alexis wouldn't get into Stanford?  What did you think of her reaction?
Chandel: Even the best laid plans don't make it to fruition. She needed to learn that not everything can be controlled. I really identified with her struggle and feeling like a failure. It hurts to get rejected. Plus, she was doing the whole college thing for all the wrong reasons. The universe was telling her to just go with it and finish senior year. What's the rush?

Courtney: I would have expected her to get in, but hey, there's a lot more students out there just like her. Her reaction was dead on. I have to admit I had a similar reaction to a college rejection. At that age, you can't understand why unfair things happen and can't help feeling lost.

Christine: Admissions standards are constantly changing so anything is possible. And any teenager would be devastated by such a rejection, especially someone like Alexis who is used to getting what she sets her mind to. I thought Castle did a great job of being supportive but still steering her towards reality.

Carissa: I guess it's realistic. Funny that Amber on Parenthood was at the top of her class and didn't get into some great school, either. I would have been very upset, and all things considered, she handled it well. Of course, she has a great dad.

Are Ryan and Esposito hotter this season than ever before?
Chandel: I don't know. I always thought they were attractive. Maybe they are just asserting themselves more during cases which makes them seem like they're doing more than we're used to... and it's hot!

Courtney: Oh yes. They are definitely hotter!! I'm loving the screen time they are getting and am hoping to see some more of them.

Christine: Yes! I think they are working more independently this season and they're not just taking orders from Beckett anymore. There's an added confidence there and that's definitely hot. Plus, Esposito is darn handsome and Ryan is adorable any way you look at them and we're certainly looking.

Carissa: What they are is smarter. More into the cases. With Castle as a role model, they actually want to solve the case before he does. That's great progress. But yeah, they are cute.

Would you get the implant to gain 10 years? Would you consider being cryogenically frozen?
Chandel: No. I'd prefer to let nature takes its course rather than try and force something that wasn't meant to happen. I also don't want to be a popsicle. That is not appealing to me at all.

Courtney: I definitely would not get the implant. Knowing you have more time might make you waste it, and life is for living every day to the fullest. I want the life I'm supposed to have. Besides, once you get to 90, what's another decade? I might rethink it if you had 10 more years at a certain age.

Christine: The implant is an interesting idea. It's hard to know if that would be a blessing or a curse, but for 10 more years with my daughter and loved ones, I'd consider it. As for being frozen in the hopes of coming back, I'll pass. I hate the cold. That just sounds like a piece of semi-living Hell.

Carissa: 10 years? No way. With my luck, I'd get hit by a bus one year into it and it would be a waste. Being frozen skeeves me out. Did you notice the wife died with her eyes closed but they were wide open in the tank? What's with that? You'd think they would want the eyeballs protected from the cold since they're basically just goo. Ick. No freezing for me. Plus, I'm allergic to cold. Bad idea all around.

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