Castle Round Table: "Kick the Ballistics"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Castle Round Table!

This week, panelists Jim Garner, Courtney Morrison, Chandel Charles and Carissa Pavlica gather to dissect "Kick the Ballistics," an episode that returned focus to the 3XK case and had our contingent of fans wondering about the following topics...


What was your favorite scene?
Jim: Ben's death scene. I totally bought it, when he walked in without a scratch I literally when WHAAAA??? before they clued me in that it had been faked to get him out of the family.

Courntey: I have to go with Ryan and Esposito going into the library to talk to Ben Lee. Esposito was priceless. A short and funny scene that lifted a little bit of the weight you felt Ryan carrying. I also loved the group making a toast and hiding it from the Captain. These four are not just co-workers, they are friends.

Chandel: Any scene where Ryan was emotionally raw and assertive. I think this was Seamus Dever's best episode in this series. He really took on and conquered the challenge of being a lead in a character-centric episode and it felt genuine. I really salute him for it. I have a much deeper appreciation for Det. Ryan as a cop and a human being.

Carissa: I never really have favorite scenes. Maybe it was Castle going through old records to try to prove his worth. He really wants to be an asset to the department.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Castle says this case made him realize he's just been "play acting" in his role as a cop and Beckett's partner. Do you think that's true?
Jim: He may have started play acting, but he is not anymore. Look at his thinking at the end when Beckett asked his advice on the deal. When he explained the deal was no good, she went with it.. Besides, if you can get an honorary doctorate, Castle should be able to get an Honorary Detective title.

Courtney: Technically, it's true. But realistically, Castle's crazy theories end up solving or help solving half of the cases. Such as his role in this case. He knew Jerry Tyson wouldn't give that gun to a friend. Castle is always either on the same page or a step ahead of the rest of the detectives. And badge or not; that man is most definitely Beckett's partner.

Chandel: I think he probably felt a little out of his element when Ryan snapped at him. I don't think he's been play acting this whole time. He has perhaps been challenged by trying to keep up with them over the seasons, but I think Castle has been a real asset to them, and has really been adopted into their cop family, especially after the season three finale.

Carissa: No, I think he's confused. All you really need to be a good cop is desire and skills. He has them, but he likes to write, too. He seems to feel that being a writer is not as important as being a cop, like he needs to make up for things. I'd guess the new captain's attitude isn't helping.

What did you think of Beckett and Ryan being paired up for so much of this episode?
Jim: I liked it, it showed that Castle was in it for the case not just to be Beckett's sidekick and it gave us time to see the hurt and fragile Ryan.

Courtney: I enjoyed the pairing; it was a nice change of pace. Beckett and Castle are fun together because you're rooting for them to be something more, especially when they have their banter back and forth. But pairing Beckett & Ryan put them both on a more serious and focused note. There was nothing getting in the way, just a plan to find the killer who used Ryan's gun. They had a partner vibe, made me long for the days of Stabler and Benson.

Chandel: Having Beckett and Ryan paired up really gave the audience a look into what their dynamics are as a pair, which we really haven't seen, but which I really liked. It's always good to mix things up every once in a while and it not just be the Castle and Beckett show with no variation. So I really appreciated it and hope they mix it up similarly in the future!

Carissa: I liked it. Beckett has to pair up with others to leave room for her and Castle to have a relationship some day. If they are always together, it will never happen.

Does Castle suspect that Beckett remembers what he said to her after she was shot?
Jim: Absolutely. Look at his face after she so quickly denies remembering.. He totally knows she is lying.

Courtney: Absolutely! I have said it before, Nathan Fillion is a genius at acting with facial expressions. Honestly, I would watch an entire 42 minutes of him making faces as other people talked, he is that good.The face he made when she said again she doesn't remember said it all. He knows something is up and it is only a matter of time before he gets it out of her.

Chandel: Yes, I know he does - at least he's suspicious she remembers something. In fact, I would be willing to say that he's probably suspected since just after the shooting. He's very perceptive when it comes to Kate, and I think he knows there's something she's trying to hide, the "I love you" included.

Carissa: I don't think so. She's doing a pretty good job of hiding it, and he's concerned with being a part of the team. One slip on her part though, and he will suspect.

What did you think of Esposito channelling his inner Fresh Prince?
Jim: I almost had my own personal "spit take" at home I laughed so hard. I completely did not see that coming at all! Well done!

Courtney: LOVED IT! Like I said above, it was priceless! This was the first time we really got to see Esposito act goofy and it was awesome. These are the moments that make up the backbone of an episode. I would be totally cool with it if he wanted to be the Fresh Prince every episode. The outfit, the talking - nailed it!

Chandel: Epic. Can they have him assume the persona of more undercover characters soon? Fun addition to the episode given the drama.

Carissa: Fun scene. I like when they shake things up and give actors a chance to get out of their regular roles. They've been doing it a lot with Ryan and Esposito this season, and it's a welcome change.

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