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I'm a big fan of Community, so it's sad for me to have to give this week such a crap review. In "Competitive Ecology," the study group spent an episode arguing over who should partner up for a group project. Chang also lost his mind.

When the episode kicked off, Chang was living in the boiler room and had a mannequin's leg as a girlfriend. He named her Veronica. I found myself wondering if Chang is always this creepy because normally I find Ken Jeong hilarious.

Detective Chang?

Sorry to say it, but Chang has straight up gone bonkers. I mean, none of his dialogue even made sense here. it was complete jibberish.

Not only was it incoherent, but it was boring. I could barely pay attention to those scenes after a few minutes. Maybe it's the job as security guard. He is taking himself too seriously. I prefer my Senor Chang as the bitter, backbiting lunatic who greases himself up and crawls through the vents. What about you guys?

The new professor pointed out something quite true: the study group is the mean clique. Poor Todd, the eighth partner this week, had to endure the brunt of their meanness. It just seems like they're always fighting lately. Sweet Shirley even felt like everyone hated her!

I know people might take issue with this negative review, but it's only because I have seen this show at such a better level! C'mon writers, you can do it. Give Pierce some more good lines, put Jeff in an awkward situation that makes him squirm, give us more Abed and let Troy and Britta explore that chemistry they have going on.

Anybody else feel like there was some heat between those two?

Community will bounce back. I'm sure of it! In the meantime, check out the best quotes from this week's mediocre episode.


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The main thing i didn't like was the teasing of todd throughout the episode, and especially at the end. It kind of contradicts the message they tried to send with the D&D episode last year.


In my opinion,the Chang part was a tribute to point-and-click adventure games, like Broken Sword, Gabriel Knight, etc. Of course it's not easy to follow the humor when you haven't played such games but I think it must have been hilarious for fans of adventure games! I loved it!


Ugh this episode was so weak! The whole 'lab partners' argument bore me to tears. I normally enjoy community but I am tired of watching them argue about who is most/least popular. I was excited at the beginning when it looked like they might actually be paired up with other characters.


Chang's story was the best part. The lego speech was good. I didn't realize the professor is Chalky White until this episode.


This review reflected my thoughts exactly! This show is usually so well written. What happened? Did Annie's Boobs write this episode? :-(


See, maddie, I am very flexible in my comedy desires. My one criteria in comedy is that it's funny. The Christmas episode was a gimmick, it didn't further the overarcing growth of the characters, and it wasn't funny. What's the use of it? Now, some will say it was innovative and daring. I don't see either. Claymation is now a staple of the Christmas season, and so by doing Claymation here they have basically guaranteed the ep will play every Christmas. Seemed a safe bet. The "behind the scenes" moment from it a couple of eps later was much funnier. But this isn't about the Christmas ep, is it? When was the point of Chang to have him COMPLETELY insane? I submit it was when they ran out of good material for him. He was most effective as the Spanish teacher drunk on power. He had a method to his madness and was a strict, if bizarre disciplinarian. Remember the premise? Now he's having sex with a mannequin leg, wondering why his reflection keeps staring at him, and finding "clues" in a picture of Larry Bird. I concede that some who like broad comedy may enjoy this. Luke, below, seems to. I have always appreciated this show more for it's subtler moments. Abed delivering a baby in the BG of the main storyline springs to mind. I am DEEPLY surprised that his storyline was supposed to spoof film noir. I just didn't get that. Seemingly, and this is good for a comedy, The biology professor is supposed to be the straight man. He has yet to be funny, and I don't see how anyone could think the Lego speech was funny. Even our heroes took the moment as poignant. Luke, you are correct. It's good for the supporting cast to shine every once in a while. This was, in my opinion, the best part of this ep. Todd's affable nature brought a lot of funny to the proceedings. It would be interesting to see an all supporting ep, one day. Todd, Lisa, Leonard, Starburns, Garrett and all doing an ep with the core group in the BG. I find it dull when the whole group bickers like they did in this episode. Like I said, they are starting to just become nasty, and I don't want that. Maddie, the "film noir" sentence, above, was sarcasm.


I don't think I remembered laughing out loud or doing anything close to that while watching 'Competitive Ecology'...and that's a bad sign for me. Then I watched the episode again this morning and ended up getting a few more chuckles out of it. But again...that's a bad sign. The whole cop noir thing with Chang totally did not work for me. Everything he said was just insane and it does seem like he's gone off the deep end. In the past, Chang at least was a working husband and later a struggling student which made it seem as if he had some sort of life. Now Chang appears to be a crazy who lives and breathes every moment of his time within the Greendale campus. Weird. I know 'Community' is not a show for everyone. With the conflicts caused by the interpersonal relationships, odd idiosyncrasies, differences in beliefs, and egos of everyone in the study group, the show isn't usually a 'feel good' comedy. In the first episode of this season, Jeff proudly proclaimed that the study group has evolved to them being friends. But in this episode, Professor Kane points out that the group is a 'mean clique,' and they were. I want these characters to grow, but I don't want to see them grow into nuts. I felt bad for Todd especially since he wasn't particularly odd. He was just a simple guy trying to finish up his homework assignment as soon as possible, but was stuck with a group of people who argued the day away over something as petty as who-works-with-whom while putting down a complete stranger. That was mean indeed. The Troy and Abed bits were flat. I hope the producers/writers don't try to force a Troy and Britta relationship. I was glad, though, that we didn't get another dose of the creepy age-gapped Jeff / Annie. (Please bring back a toned-down Britta and get her back with Jeff like in the first season!) My fingers are still crossed that things will get better.


On paper I should have loved this episode. There was nothing too over the top and it was just the study group being their quirky selves. pretty much exactly what I wanted. But I didn’t. there is just some ineffable quality that they didn’t capture here but captured pretty much every episode in season 1 I liked it but didn’t love it. And of course I cant fault the writers for something I myself cant describe/explain but I just don’t love the as much as I did season 1 and some/most of season 2
The only two things I flat out didn’t like was chang, he was flat out too crazy for me. The film-noir stuff just didn’t do it for me. I think a film-noir spoof was a flop and could have been done WAY better. This is pretty much the first time I didn’t like one of their spoofs/homages Bottle epi, Conspiracy epi, and Apollo 13 were all terrific episodes/spoofs but this one fell flat. I didn’t find his storyline the least bit funny.
And Jeff, I get that he’s a pompous a$$, but I thought him being that distraught over losing a popularity contest [which he only lost b/c everyone knew he wouldn’t do any work so why choose him], was too juvenile and conceited. And I don’t like that color on him at all
One more thing I will be upset if that security guard actually does leave b/c I found him pretty funny, his delivery and style were hilarious; he was funnier than chang most of the time.
Btw im convinced that the “lego’s speech� was in reference to the shows “caricature-ness�/�over-the-top-ness,� [im sure im not the only one whose complained about it]i.e. how they used to be simple and how complicated they’ve gotten and all the themed sets [maybe the harry potter comment was a teaser/spoiler]
...And i wasnt that big a fan of the xmas episode either
Overall 4/5


I like how at the end of the review, you personally petition the writers to give you the EXACT SAME THING they gave you all of the last two seasons. How is that good for a comedy? This is the third season, and I've already seen the main 7 people in the group do hilarious things. I thought this was the funniest episode of the season so far BECAUSE OF Chang, Todd and Professor Cain's bigger roles. Let the role-players shine every once in a while, and don't freak out when each and every single episode isn't the exact same.


like i said last week. season 2 was the peak of hilarious for this series. not expecting much this season nemore. im guessing it will not be seeing a fourth season. also, this ep has funny parts but the security guard story lines are a bore. chang needs to be teaching or in the study group. anywhere else is wasting his presence.

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