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I'm a big fan of Community, so it's sad for me to have to give this week such a crap review. In "Competitive Ecology," the study group spent an episode arguing over who should partner up for a group project. Chang also lost his mind.

When the episode kicked off, Chang was living in the boiler room and had a mannequin's leg as a girlfriend. He named her Veronica. I found myself wondering if Chang is always this creepy because normally I find Ken Jeong hilarious.

Detective Chang?

Sorry to say it, but Chang has straight up gone bonkers. I mean, none of his dialogue even made sense here. it was complete jibberish.

Not only was it incoherent, but it was boring. I could barely pay attention to those scenes after a few minutes. Maybe it's the job as security guard. He is taking himself too seriously. I prefer my Senor Chang as the bitter, backbiting lunatic who greases himself up and crawls through the vents. What about you guys?

The new professor pointed out something quite true: the study group is the mean clique. Poor Todd, the eighth partner this week, had to endure the brunt of their meanness. It just seems like they're always fighting lately. Sweet Shirley even felt like everyone hated her!

I know people might take issue with this negative review, but it's only because I have seen this show at such a better level! C'mon writers, you can do it. Give Pierce some more good lines, put Jeff in an awkward situation that makes him squirm, give us more Abed and let Troy and Britta explore that chemistry they have going on.

Anybody else feel like there was some heat between those two?

Community will bounce back. I'm sure of it! In the meantime, check out the best quotes from this week's mediocre episode.

Competitive Ecology Review

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