How To Make It In America Review: A Test of Loyalties

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Ben must have felt like he was the one taking the THC spray this week after he learned about Domingo and Rachel on "It's Not Even Like That."

Domingo going after Rachel set him on a similar path taken by one Joey Tribbiani, who acted on his feelings for his friend's ex, another Rachel. Ben didn't spew the same high pitched protests Ross Geller did, but he was definitely hurt. Should Domingo have mentioned something to Ben earlier or at least come clean? For sure, but he also did have every right to be upset with Ben for basically telling him he wasn't good enough to date Rachel.

Gina Gershon on How To Make it in America

This was no simple case of bros before hoes, Domingo and Ben are like family. Rachel, though, seemed to make our dog-walking dealer very happy. I'm confident the Ben and Domingo will clear the air eventually, but for the moment Domingo seemed like he was choosing his "Lay" over "Fam." Ben, meanwhile, continued to impress Nancy and has only to keep wearing black to end up seeing the inside of her town house again real soon.

Ben asked Domingo where the loyalty lay, but showed Kappo with a simple phone call that there was none lost between them. I liked seeing Ben put aside his personal issues to be there for his friend. Offering his couch, after Kappo opened up to him about the possible insider trading charges, was a small but significant gesture.

My only issue with Kappo was his frequent use of the THC spray like it was Binaca, with no apparent lack of side effects. I was expecting something more from his best man's speech. Having seen a seasoned smoker in Ben freak out earlier this season from a laced joint, I was shocked we didn't witness Kappo feel the effects of the high a bit more. 

While I like Domingo and Rachel together, she needed to lay off her new guy's greenery when choosing her outfits. From the blouse she had on at work that looked like it was pulled from the Big Love costume department to the flavescent frock she wore to the wedding, it was enough to have sent Rachel Zoe into early labor. I did like the small detail of her apparently catching the bouquet, though, as we saw her holding some flowers when Ben walked her to her door. 

I don't think we will be hearing wedding bells anytime soon for Cam and Lulu, but I did enjoy our man making some headway with his lady friend. When Lulu pulled away while they kissed on the couch I thought Cam would never recover from the blue balls. Thankfully, she quickly announced that they, not just he, needed to take a shower to wash off the stench of her dad. Speaking of which, what was the deal with that wrestling scene? I liked that Ben and Cam ended up using Joe Pantoliano's character for the look book, but I'm still shaking my head at the whole "you have to win it" scenario. 

Lesson learned, however. Cam was upfront and honest with Lulu and her father and got what he wanted on both accounts. Rene could take some lessons in persuasion from his cousin. Had he just been honest with Debbie about needing the money I'm sure she would have cooperated and he could have gone on getting those amazing wake up calls. Instead, he was the one who blew it in the end. 

Aside from Kappo's surprising soberness, I loved the episode and the pace of development. Kappo's troubles at work will surely garner him more screen time, which can only be a plus for the show. I know times are hard on the boulevard, but let us know what you thought and be sure to vote on your favorite quotes from the episode

It's Not Even Like That Review

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How To Make It In America Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Domingo: What time do you guys need me to get my Zoolander on?
Ben: Ten?
Domingo: A.M.?

Rachel: I gotta be at work in thirty minutes.
Domingo: You see that's why I'm self employed. I'm already at the office.