Sons of Anarchy Exclusive: Maggie Siff on "Moment of Clarity" for Tara

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When Sons of Anarchy fans last saw Tara, she was told by Jax that everything would be okay and their family would remain safe. Cut to an armed Prospect in the couple's kitchen.

Yes, this is what passes for safety in Charming these days when it comes to SAMCRO and its loved ones.

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"Tara has been sitting there for a couple of days with this death threat having been issued, under this so-called protection," Maggie Siff told me over the phone today. "And she actually has a pretty clear head on her shoulders this season."

So what will that mean for this week's intense episode, "Family Recipe?"

"All season, Tara has been asking herself: 'How do I set up our lives in such a way that our children are protected from this insane life?'" Siff said. "She'll experience a moment of clarity tomorrow night."

To the end of keeping her children safe, Siff talked about Tara's struggles with the infamous Maureen Ashby letters.

"She knew if she showed them to Jax, it would set into motion a chain of events that would make it impossible for them to leave Charming," Siff said.

So Tara opened up to Piney instead because he's mentioned in the letters as someone JT trusted and, "by extension," Siff says, "he's someone Tara trusts to act as a kind of guide in getting to the truth of the matter."

Of course, a separate chain of events was set into motion as a result: Piney threatened Clay, the drug business worsened and the fate of almost every SAMCRO member could go either way as season four winds down.

Will Tara be around to see the fallout? Will she be six feet under? Six thousand miles away? Siff wouldn't reveal, but let's be honest SOA fans: would you even want to know right now?

Sons of Anarchy airs a new episode tomorrow night on FX. Visit TV Fanatic the moment it concludes for my detailed review.

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