Up All Night Review: Peek-a-Boo!

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"Mr. Bob's Toddler Kaleidoscope" was a hit, the best episode to date and a clear example of the great promise for the Up All Night.

And we largely have guest star Michael Hitchcock to thank for that, as he gave us Mr. Bob. I've been a fan of Hitchcock's ever since the movie Best In Show and from the moment he corrected Chris and Reagan on their peek-a-boo technique I knew we were in for a good episode. 


Before Ava got upset with Reagan for not spending enough time with her, I thought the writers did a great job showing again what great friends these two are. From their mutual excitement about their annual night out to see The Dangles/Manic Manday, to their routine at the bar with "Stefano" the bartender, a nice job was done establishing their friendship's history.

Maya Rudolph's talent was on full display as she delivered the perfect blend of sincere emotion and comedic flare. We saw just how dynamic an actor she is on numerous occasions, such as when she made Missy sit in the front seat or when she pulled up to Christopher, driving her own limo, to question him about Reagan. 

As for Missy, I was happy to see her character get more screen time. She brought the funny while still providing sound council to Ava, telling her Reagan wasn't moving on, she was just trying to find a new way to be there for her.

Great attention to detail by the costume designers having Reagan sport a gold "Amy" necklace while also showing the baby pictures taped to her podium at work. This show has done a tremendous job pairing the struggles facing new parents with comedic scenarios. The best example of such from this week's episode was the rivalry between Reagan and Kayla's mom, which culminated in Reagan's crawling envy resulting in her dismissal by Mr. Bob for "being a meanie."

I loved seeing the two mothers find common ground as they struggled together to break down the stroller; their resulting bashing of said transport that reminded me of the scene from the film Office Space where Peter and the guys destroyed the fax machine. 

And, finally, Ava took us out with her rendition of "Eternal Flame," a fitting end to the strongest episode of the season. Let us know what you thought and check out some of the more memorable quotes of the evening. 

Mr. Bob's Toddler Kaleidoscope Review

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