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"Piggy Piggy" was the name of an urban legend that left guest star Eric Stonestreet, as Derek, deeply and emotionally paralyzed. Naming any urban legend filled him with such fear that he was unable to function. Goody for him, he chose the good Doctor Ben to treat him.

Ben at Work

Given what he has seen in the months since moving into the house of horrors, and his unorthodox methods of treatment, Ben should be stripped of his license. If he even has one. Does he remember seeing Hayden, burying her under the gazebo? He walks around as if in a fog of utter denial that anything in his life is real.

As I watched him take Derek into the bathroom, turn off the light and demand that he say "here piggy pig pig" into the mirror, I was a) shocked that he would even consider doing that after what he's witnessed in the house, and b) majorly annoyed that he didn't at least open the shower curtain so the poor guy didn't have to wonder what was behind it! I can't be the only one who prefers clear curtains just in case there is something lurking back there.

While Ben was treating patients (as if he could possibly help them when he can't help himself or anyone in his family), Constance was plying Vivien with sweetbreads for their nutritional value and enlisting a medium to meet with Violet in an attempt to bring peace to her dead son, Tate. Vivien was eating raw brains and Violet was overdosing on pills... only to be saved by the sweet, dead, massacre boy next door.

Yes, Tate is dead. As we figured, he killed all the kids who were hanging around on Halloween in a 1994 massacre at Violet's high school and was taken down by a swat team in the house. It would seem like something other students would have shared with her on her first day of school, but apparently she just found out. I'd venture to guess every kid who goes to nearby Columbine high school in Colorado do so with the knowledge of what happened there. Violet not knowing is just another abnormal part of their new lives.

Which brings me to this: are any of them alive? I'm beginning to think that the Harmon family is already gone. That they moved from Boston, dead. That everyone around them is dead. That they are finding things out only as the other dead wish them to discover it. Some of my favorite horror movies have taken this route, but it only took two hours to get there.

Who have we met since the series started that might be alive? I cannot think of one character that might fit the description of living. I think they're all on various planes of the afterlife, awaiting their turn to move on. If they ever do move on. Bottom line? I have absolutely no idea what is happening on American Horror Story and I love every moment of it.

This is big news, because I went in, horror fanatic that I am, truly skeptical. The sexual nature of the previews gave me an immediate dislike for what was to come. I have been proven wrong. Each week new terror arises and is left unexplained. Sure, we get an answer here or there, but so far nothing that can even come close to deciphering what is happening in that house, or the entire neighborhood, for that matter.

One thing is for certain. Visiting Doctor Doom will lead to no good. Derek, feeling brave from his encounter at the house, promptly went home and recited "here piggy pig pig" in the mirror. Nothing happened! Until he opened that damned shower curtain. No Piggy Man, but a burglary in progress and a bullet between the eyes. Never trust a closed shower curtain.

Thanks to my editor in chief, Matt Richenthal, for giving me the opportunity to cover this week's episode in his absence. Come back next week to see if he can find any puzzle pieces that fit together without leaving gaping holes in the process. This is one coaster I'm going to ride with my arms up and my eyes wide open.

Piggy Piggy Review

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