Bones Episode Trailer: Is That a Tiny Sword ...

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As we talked about in our Bones review earlier, the new Booth-Brennan dynamic has been a lot of fun the past two weeks as their relationship has expanded. In addition to the usual banter, there are big life issues to plan around.

Where to live, whether to tell the father when you have an ultrasound, that sort of thing.

Next week, expect more of the same as B-squared investigates a toy company.

Anyone who's thinking of getting Brennan a stuffed bear as a gift might want to rethink that ... do you have any IDEA how many bear maulings occur every YEAR?! Morgan Fairchild guest stars as the CEO of the company, while Sweets' better half Daisy (Carla Gallo) also appears for the first time this fall.

Check out Fox's promo for "The Prince in the Plastic" below ...

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