Can Dexter Save Its Season?

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Forget saving himself for a moment. Many fans of Dexter Morgan are now wondering: Can this once-great Showtime series save season six?

Based on reader comments from my last review, even the most loyal viewers are finding their patience tested by a boring pair of villains and an utter lack of urgency. There's no cat this season, there's no mouse, there's no chase and there's very little suspense of any kind.

Will that finally change on this Sunday's "Sins of Omission?" The following preview make it look like the episode will finally focus on DDK, pitting Dexter against Deb in a search for Professor Gellar. Let's all hope this episode is the start of of an action-packed final few weeks. Watch now and then vote in the poll below.

How do you feel about season six of Dexter?

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