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The police department is on to Travis this week after his sister doesn't just turn up dead; she turns up dead in the tableau of the Whore of Babylon... with Deb's card attached to her after Deb had previously asked her questions about her brother.

As a result, Dexter speeds up his investigations into DDK. He learns that there's an abandoned church and figures this would make an ideal hideout. When he arrives, though, Travis is chained up and Gellar has escaped. Travis tells Dexter that Gellar killed his sister and that he's willing to assist Dexter with killing Gellar.

Meanwhile, Dexter and Deb are seriously clashing because the latter learned the former went to Nebraska to talk to Jonah. She thinks they have major trust issues.


- Quinn continued to be a drunken idiot.

- Batista basically threatened Masuka's intern to stay away from Jaime.

- LaGuerta pressured Deb to close the case of a prostitute who overdosed, even though evidence points to someone else being in the room with her. Is she covering for the Captain? I assume so.

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