Fringe Round Table: "Novation"

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Our intrepid episode investigators take on another episode of Fringe this week ("Novation) in this week's edition of the Round Table.

With Peter finally back, what does that mean for Walter, Olivia, Lincoln and, most especially, Peter himself? Join staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Nick McHatton as they share their opinions on what went down.


By Walter's touching Peter's face, do you think he was accepting him or writing him off as an anomaly that best not be addressed?
Sean: I think Walter doesn't know what to believe. I think the chance at having a life with his son sparked some emotions, but the reality seems to still be too much for him.

Nick: It felt like both. Walter was trying to process that in another timeline his son actually survived, and the face touch made it real. But I think Walter doesn't want to get attached to Peter since this "anomaly" could be gone at any time, and Walter would be left grieving over his son all over again.

Carissa: He feels like it’s the ultimate punishment for stealing another man’s son all those years ago. Deep down, he knows Peter is his son, but he also expects him to be torn away at any moment. My guess is he will turn away for fear of losing him.

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What might the other side want to do with an army of shape shifters?
Sean: Take over the world. Take over the worlds? An army of shapeshifters sounds like plenty of trouble for the Fringe team.

Nick: Power. The other side has a lot of animosity for our side, and now that they're "working together" the only way they can keep that power difference is to be one step ahead with whatever they're planning.

Carissa: I have no idea. I can’t think of anything they can’t already do with doubles of everyone that they could do with an army of shifters. What would the army do on our side that would affect theirs? Other than self-destruct.

What did you think when you heard about this timeline's Nina/Olivia relationship?
Sean: It made me wonder why Nina would choose to become Olivia's guardian. She always seems to have some underlying secret or motive behind her actions that it's hard for me to believe that everything was purely to take care of Olivia.

Nick: I liked it, Olivia needs some type of Gal pal and since we haven't heard about her sister and niece in this timeline, Nina is almost the next best thing (after Astrid).

Carissa: I love the idea of Nina being more than just an old friend of Walter and William. This would mean her character would have a lot more integration into the story and I’d take any opportunity to see more of Blair Brown.

Were you surprised that Olivia asked Lincoln out for a bite to eat, and what did you think of his reaction?
Sean: I wasn't really surprised. They've been getting along rather well recently and a connection between the two certainly seems possible, although I was surprised by his reaction. I don't think Peter would like Olivia dating other guys though.

Nick: I was a little surprised because I wasn't exactly sure what her motives were behind it (if any). Was she being a good partner and wanted to give him some company and an ear since he lost his previous partner to a shapeshifter? Did Peter's arrival set something off for her emotionally and she was trying to run from it?

Carissa: Given the earlier conversation she had with Astrid about not going there, I thought she was tossing caution to the wind. Nothing spectacular, but an opening. That he closed the door without a thought was surprising. I naturally assumed he’d be interested in friendship, at the least. This Lincoln seems all business now that his partner is dead.

Are you keeping the faith in the showrunners that they know where we're going? Please explain your answer.
Sean: I'm certainly keeping the faith for now. I have a feeling that they aren't simply making this stuff up as they go along, but that said, some answers might be a little nice. Yes, shapeshifters are running around, but we don't know why or who's controlling them. Peter's back, but the timelines remain off. I guess while everything remains to be seen, I just hope more universes don't start popping up and the show becomes too convoluted.

Nick: Whenever Fringe does something like this (like developing over there) we all end up having reservations, and we all end up loving it - so I'm not worried at all.

Carissa: I do have faith. It concerns me that other viewers do not. I’ve seen so many comments that if this or that doesn’t change they won’t watch any more. Having listened to these gentlemen on phone calls, I know they have a plan. I trust it will be a hell of a ride.

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