Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Big Sleep No More"

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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panel breaks down the most recent episode (see our official review from last night) of our favorite show in even greater detail.

Below, TVF CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy) and managing editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) join writers Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines to discuss "The Big Sleep No More."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote from the episode?

Courtney: I have to go with Gossip Girl’s headline on this one ... ”Nate Archibald’s Cougar and Cub in Pride War.” Classic GG. Even if she is a blogger who blasts other people, the girl is clever and has a serious way with words.

Christina: Chuck: “Maybe we’re maturing too fast.” Oh, the irony. While Nate's still always thinking about cubs and cougars, and Blair can't let go of her dire need to play games, we're all still kind of kids at heart, I suppose.

Leigh: Everything between Dorota and Blair in the beginning. Dorota: Apology not seem so fake to me. Blair: That's because English is your second language. Oh please Blair, Dorota is the TRUTH.

Steve: LOL @ Leigh. I got nothin'.

Eric: Less of a single quote and more of the entire exchange between Chair at the masquerade. Yeah, even as a Dair shipper, I can recognize the sexual tension Steve wanted to cut with a knife in his review.

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2. What did you like most about "The Big Sleep No More"?

Courtney: Like Christina mentioned, how can you not love a Queen B scheme, especially when it involves Venn Diagrams. I agree with the majority that the Blair scheme was a little over the top, even for B. But it gave some more screen time to Dorota and got the two down to the duck pond. Not everything on the show has to be glitz and glamour. Sometimes it’s the simple moments that are the most enjoyable.

Christina: From Venn diagrams to trench coats, I’m always down for some scheming. Albeit the plotting was a little more outrageous than usual (if that’s even possible), this is why I love the UES.

Leigh: The show finally sampled my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, Sabrina. Chuck as Humphrey Bogart, I dig it. And before the haters get up in arms, Bogart was allegedly a d-bag in real life. So there, it works for the lovers and the haters.

Steve: A bunch of things. The "B to Pardon C" title card. Serena's outfits. Louis not being around. Animal-loving Chuck is a crowd-pleaser. Dan going through some hard times after his brush was greatness (I wish him the best, but success doesn't come easy, as Rufus said). Christina also nailed with the Chuck Bass Venn diagram. Blair needs to make those for all the characters.

Eric: That Dorota was scheming with Chuck. Hah! Believable? No. But this is Gossip Girl and you must suspend any disbelief when it comes to scheming. Besides, any Dorota is a good thing.

3. What were you most disappointed by?

Courtney: After all of the hype, I was a little disappointed by the Sleep No More benefit itself. From all the press about this episode, I expected a little more. We have seen better parties at the Waldorf’s. The scenery was gorgeous though.

Christina: I thought that the kiss and slap scene was a total letdown. Plus, did Blair really need to go to the extremes to prove Chuck is the same basstard he has always been? Did Chuck honestly need to kiss Blair to set her free? All in all, the Chair scenes were kind of lame.

Leigh: Um, everything else? Sleep No More is far more disturbing and messed up in real life. It was hardly a masked ball. Even though they filmed on location that whole scene was lame-o. Blair is twisted, but her need to prove Chuck is a bad person was beyond convoluted this week.

Steve: The CW cutting to commercial break in mid-Chair kiss. I mean really. The scene was far too short anyway, then they throw in 2-3 minutes of ads, derailing the momentum? Who edits this stuff?

Eric: That this show became the Diana and Chivy hour. Look, I've had the biggest crush on Elizabeth Hurley since, well, ever. But as unbelievably gorgeous as she still is at this age, she should not be dominating Gossip Girl. Notice how little I said about Chivy... 

Nice Suit Chuck

4. Has Chuck really changed for good?

Courtney: Yes and no. Yes because he has realized being good is better for him. He is a better functioning person and isn’t hiding behind grief and insecurities. No because there is a piece of him doing this for Blair and he knows that deep down this is how he can get her back. Even on his good days, he will forever be a Basshole.

Christina: It appears that way, doesn’t it? Chuck’s finally let Blair go and he hasn’t been up to his usual antics. Make no mistake, though, I still more than ever think that Chair is end-game.

Leigh: Chuck has definitely changed. But the only constant in life is change. I'm sure he will take make different turns in the future, only time will tell.

Steve: In the sense that he's no longer a self-destructive, reckless heathen? I'll buy it. But there's no way he's letting this wedding happen without one last profession of love for B.

Eric: Well, no. As much as I'm sure he loves ducks (the animal, not the greatest bromance the show has ever seen), he's doing all of this to win back Blair.

5. Hardest to believe: Diana's manipulation of Nate and Serena, Ivy kissing Max unknowingly, or the lengths Blair went to to prove her "point"?

Courtney: Diana, no doubt. Even people as gullible and pretty as Nate and Serena aren’t completely blinded to manipulation. That whole situation just worked out too perfect to be believable. The Ivy kissing Max scene was more funny than anything and Blair’s is believable because she still cares about Chuck.

Christina: Ivy kissing Max unknowingly – only on Gossip Girl does a simple mask have as much power as to cause you to mistakenly identify two totally different looking people. Hello, Max and Nate look NOTHING alike.

Leigh: Ivy kissing Max. We all know how easy it is to trick Serena and Nate. Blair is a known lunatic schemer. But how could you mistake somebody as Chace Crawford? He radiates an aura of sexiness.

Steve: Blair seemed a bit desperate to expose Chuck, don't you think? I don't blame her for being suspicious, but she blatantly baited him to make a move. How does that really prove anything?

Eric: Definitely Diana's manipulation. Not because she did a battle of wits with the two dumbest characters on the show. I mean, that's easy. The real hardest to believe part was Chivy confusing Max for Nate. That was almost as bad as the time Nate confused Jenny for Serena ...

Charlie and Nate

6. The Grandfather wants to rehabilitate Nate's image, but there must be more to it. What's his motive in all of this?

Courtney: The simplest conclusion is he wants him to head in to politics like the rest of the family. But how can ping pong-ing between a cougar and a cub be good for his image? My question is, what was so wrong with his image before? Sure, he was simple, pretty, and high most of the time. But he wasn’t a bad person.

Christina: Nate’s grandfather wants to mold Nate's image and get him to the political party.

Leigh: The Grandfather wants to groom Nate into the next JFK Jr. However, I don't see how banging a cougar and working for a tabloid makes someone the next John John.

Steve: To resurrect Trip's political career. He doesn't need Nate's image to be refurbished for that, you're thinking, and you're right. What he needs is leverage, something to get his grandson to fall in line. The question is what. Just a theory, but Diana could be getting played here too.

Eric: The far, far more important question is how the heck is this rehabilitating Nate's image!? And to that, I have no answer and will be watching just as cluelessly as you guys next week.

7. What's your favorite Gossip Girl masquerade moment (from this episode or any other)?

Courtney: I’m going with the girls. Season 1 was untouchable in terms of masquerades. It was our first - the first time someone got kissed mistakenly, a Chair scene, and beautiful wardrobes.

Christina: How could we possibly forget our very first masquerade, with Nate mistakenly kissing Jenny thinking it was Serena, Dan and Jenny sneaking in as outsiders, and Blair’s scavenger hunt?! Season 1, how I miss thee!

Leigh: Serena getting roofied was an amazing episode, but I'm gonna have to go with the classic. I agree with Christina that Season 1 was the best when Nate mistook Jenna for Serena and confessed his love and then she lost her diamond bracelet. Season 1 was epic.

Steve: I loved when Juliet drugged and freaking kidnapped Serena last season. Not because Serena deserved to be drugged and kidnapped, but because Juliet had a tangible motive (revenge, it never fails), executed her plan flawlessly, and proved she was far more insane than any of us believed. Last night felt blah in comparison.

Eric: I guess I jumped the gun with question #5 back there. I always find it a hilarious / ridiculous schtick when they have a character kiss the wrong masked person. Jenny, Juliet, Max. You pick the target. I'll keep laughing in disbelief.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.

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