Happy Endings Review: Sex, Lies, and a Steak Truck Commercial

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Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many Happy Endings reviews. It would be extremely hard to top the pee-in-your-pants hilarity of Penny and Max's Baby Bjorn costume last week, but "Lying Around" still brought its A-game.

What didn't bring its A-game was that Dexter-like first commercial of Dave's. He looked like he was about to murder a bunch of customers.

Brent Musburger on Happy Endings

I know some of my fellow writers here at TV Fanatic will agree: all it takes to inject a little funny into any situation is the brilliance of Adam Pally. Add Max's "Dave whispering" skills and, bam!, Dave's commercial went from scary to sweet. Even if it didn't mention his steak shop once...

Max has a great eye for film, but I'd still never want to see his half-dog, half-man movie. I would, however, love to see him as an extra in 8 Mile. Can anyone else picture him in a hoodie bouncing up and down during a rap battle with B Rabbit? You know Penny would've been hanging out on set lapping up that experience.

Penny is always down for something out of the ordinary which is why she was so jealous of Alex's dates with Liam. Who laughs and learns from watching a Director's Cut of Con Air? I'd sooo much rather have the little boy from The Princess Bride SITTING NEXT TO ME and giving me his commentary! I know Alex wanted something more laid back, but you can't pass up a visit from Fred Savage.

Then again, once Penny heard that Alex had a good time with Keith, suddenly she wanted to switch back. Penny is fickle and I adore her, but it's why she's single. But I dig it, don't settle down girl, find your perfect balance of over the top dates and comfy couch cuddling. Don't we all want that?

Life is all about balance. This is something that's not only important when dating, but also in marriage. Brad and Jane may have hot, table clearing sex, but they also need their alone time. Yearly staycations should be mandatory for married couples. Besides, I'm not sure anyone could stand Jane with her sorority sister. You just know that Jane was in that really peppy sorority that was all smiles, giggles, and cheering. Yikes.

Check out our favorite quotes and hit the comments with your thoughts on our favorite gang from Chicago.

Lying Around Review

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Happy Endings Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You're sweating on my bruschetta.

Jane [to Brad]

The weird part is, now that I have a guy, everybody wants to set me up. Oh I know Al! I should hook you up with one of my "extras."