Nikita Review: Who Will Michael Choose?

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In "London Calling," Michael heads to London to see Cassandra and their son, Max. Once Michael knew about his child, it didn't take him long to trek to see him. To the core, Michael is a good and honest man, how will he balance his love for Nikita and his fundamental need for a family?

As much as I adore Michael and Nikita together, you can't deny that Michael and Cassandra have a spark between them. It was obvious in Belarus and in London as well. Michael may have reassured Nikita he loves her, but she isn't blind to the bond her man and Cassandra share.

Cassandra, Michael, Nikita

Even though the gun men in the park were after Cassandra, that was a wake-up call for Michael. He was putting his son and Cassandra at risk by visiting. In this case, he had to stay to protect them from Tupelov and dragged Nikita into it as well.

When Cassandra got kidnapped, she knew that Michael would be the only one who could save her. As a result, he almost fried and she almost drowned. However, two much bigger reveals took place. Michael was genuinely angry at Nikita for saving him over trying to rescue Cassandra. Then, he ran straight into bullets after Cassandra. What does this say about his relationship and feelings for Nikita?

Unfortunately, they didn't get a chance to discuss it because Cassandra dropped a huge bomb: she's MI-6! What??!?

In the end, it was a nice twist that Nigel, Cassandra's handler, was responsible for stealing the money and putting her in danger. It allowed for Michael and Nikita to get away free and clear. Only Michael will never be free and clear of Cassandra because of Max.

Nikita has had a difficult and lonely life. For once, she has someone she loves and cares about and who feels the same way. I don't know how she found it within her to let Michael go. It was the biggest gift that she could give to Michael, so selfless. It broke my heart to see her walk away and crushed it that he didn't stop her.

What do you think will happen now? Will Michael say goodbye to Max (and Cassandra) and return to Nikita?

Odds and Ends

  • Michael and Max on the couch watching cartoons and eating cookies - adorable!
  • Fight scenes are usually very well choreographed on Nikita; the park and restaurant fights were no exception. They were entertaining to watch and original. I never knew exactly what was coming next.
  • Percy convinces Alex to transfer money for him in exchange for $100,000 to start her crusade against Semak and it notifies Guardian to start the Secondary Procedure. Since it is from Percy, it can't be anything good.
  • Sean is still an enigma. He says he wants to use Alex to get Nikita in order to protect his mother, Madeline, so he can leave Division. I don't buy it. Or, I guess if that is his plan, I don't think it is going to work. He is falling for Alex even if he doesn't realize it.
  • No Amanda this week or any more on Ryan. I hope someone is at least feeding him while she was gone.
  • Birkhoff had foresight with his question to Michael before he left for London: "So ... are you coming back?"

London Calling Review

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