Private Practice Intervention Promo: Amelia's Last Chance?

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Coming off an episode that saw Amelia continue to plummet toward rock bottom, Private Practice will air a special two-hour installment this Thursday night.

It will focus almost entirely on an intervention staged to assist this floundering character. How will she react to her friends stepping in? Not well. Look for Amelia to lash out and try to turn the tables on her pals, most notably Addison.

Later in the week, we'll post an interview with Caterina Scorsone. Send in any questions you have for the actress now and check out a preview for "Who We Are" below.

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Private Practice Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I know that you have a family here and I see that you're destroying it. If you continue down this path, you won't just go down alone, Amelia, you'll take down all the people that love you.


Fine, I'll be your drug dealer. I just want her back.