Supernatural Round Table: "Slash Fiction"

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Double trouble came to Supernatural last Friday, as Dean and Sam found themselves on the FBI's Most Wanted List.

From predictions to analysis, our Round Table panel of Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna has gathered below to pick apart "Slash Fiction," as all readers are encouraged to pull up a chair and chime in...


What was your favorite scene, moment or quote?
Carissa: Hands down it was Dean singing Air Supply. I watched it over and over and couldn't stop laughing. You were spot on in your review, Sean, comparing it to the Eye of the Tiger moment. Historic! Second runner up would be the scene when the fake bros were discussing how much they hated real Sam and Dean and being stuck in their skin.

Kate: I thought the episode was really hilarious.  Supernatural is really good at breaking the fourth wall and making fun of itself, and the episode was a great example of that. The Leviathan doppelgangers listing exactly what's wrong with the Winchesters was hilarious, as was Dean's face when told that he had to shelve the Impala. Never mind the other threats, it's all about the Impala!

Sean: I have to go with Air Supply as well. It was just too funny. Jensen Ackles really knows how to bring those comedic moments to life.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Are you glad Sam knows Dean’s secret about killing Amy?
Carissa: Yes, because now Dean can beat himself up, they can have it out and be done with it. At least he won't be hiding the secret, which was causing a large part of his pain.

Kate: I'm not sure. While I don't agree with Dean's decision to kill Amy, I feel really bad for Dean that Sam is so angry with him. Dean loves Sam more than anything in the world and it must just be killing him right now.

Sean: I’m glad it came out sooner rather than waiting all season for Sam to find out. It was going to sting no matter when he heard, but at least its not something that is going to get dragged out.

Will Bobby’s love interest work out?
Carissa: I hope so, but I doubt it. These guys are not destined for love. Unless Bobby is going to remain at the cabin and field calls and such like he used to do from his chair. Then having a lady friend wouldn't be such a stretch.

Kate: It's nice for Bobby to have an ideal love to hold on to. But in the foreseeable future, his life is too complex for a lady friend.

Sean: It’s doubtful. Every time someone comes close to having any sort of female relationship, it ends up going south real fast. We can hope though!

What did you think of the Leviathan “leader?”
Carissa: Ok - this is absolutely pathetic. I cannot remember who the leader was. I remember head chopping off dude, the fake FBI agents I saw coming from the first second they were on screen...but not the leader. Apparently, I didn't think much of the leader at all!

Kate: I thought he was awesome! What better way to highlight a calm, cool, and methodical leader than some corporate dude with tons of money? Money is power after all. I loved his exchange with Crowley, down to the muffins.

Sean: He was way too plain for me, especially after the way Misha Collins portrayed the Leviathan in this crazy and slightly psychotic manner. With plenty of bad guys being cool, calm, and collected, I’d love to see one just teetering on the edge and completely unpredictable. Maybe there’s more to this “leader” than we know.

What did you think of the closing moments of the episode?
Carissa: Good ending. They're brothers. They need to fight, cool off and forgive. I just hope the latter comes sooner rather than later.

Kate: I loved the reveal of the Leviathan leader, but the brotherly moment was pretty sad. Although how far can Sam walk anyways? Maybe Dean will pick him up and they'll make up!

Sean: I feel like I’ve seen this fight before, and its understandable, but it felt like kind of a let down when compared to the rest of the episode. I just hope the brothers don’t take forever to make up and get back to doing what they do best.

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