Body of Proof Review: Win At Your Own Risk

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Why is it that anyone who wins the lottery on a TV show usually ends up dead? I know that a lot of folks don't know how to handle millions of dollars but is it really that dangerous? I'd be willing to take my chances.

Despite his windfall, Walter Brown was definitely an unlucky man. "Your Number's Up" brought our lottery winner 20 cousins he'd never heard of, all looking for money, and little did he know he had an endocrine tumor making him sicker by the day. Perhaps he should have bought himself a physical exam with that cash.

Robert Irvine on Body of Proof

When the one friend who recognized that something was amiss confronted him about it, Walter ended up on the wrong end of a chef's knife. What a horrifying way to go. 

He even missed his fancy chef's party, but I couldn't say that was a big loss. I hate those demonstrations where they flip their knives in the air. It's not a circus, it's a kitchen. Just cut the food and leave the sharp instruments on the cutting board.

Ethan got his own case this week, sort of.  Kate was certainly looking over his shoulder, with reason. Ethan seemed ill-prepared for speaking with the emotional family, especially when he had no answers. 

For anyone who has gone to a hospital for a so-called simple operation, Kimberly Gleason's death was frightening. Enter with appendicitis and leave in a body bag from a raging bacterial infection. This case proved that stories don't need to be creepy to be scary, just realistic.

So 13-year old Lacy charged a $300 cashmere hat on her mom's credit card without asking. Someone was definitely testing her boundaries. I applauded Megan for returning the hat but the red heels she bought for herself looked a little silly at the crime scene.

I loved Curtis' response to Lacy when she lamented the work at the morgue:

I know we should say something wise, but sometimes work is just work. | permalink

One small nit to pick with this story: I doubted that Lacy could actually work in the county offices at age 13. She might have been able to volunteer and have her mom pay her for the time but I don't think could legally get an actual paycheck.

In another part of the medical examiner's office, Peter and Dani were groping one another as Peter tried but failed to keep their new relationship professional in the workplace. Between that and the search for his birth parents, I would bet that Megan won't take long to notice her partner is distracted. The bigger question is how much will he tell her?

With the risk of ending up a plot point on your favorite TV crime drama, would you cash in a multi-million dollar ticket?

Your Number's Up Review

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