Community Review: Big Cheddar vs. Tinkletown

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The thing about a brilliant comedy like Community is that sometimes it gives you what you didn't even know you needed. In "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism," it provided us some insight into Shirley's past.

Shirley has always been the sweet, conservative mother who strayed far from the evil ways and blunders of the rest of the study group. This week, however, we found out that her past affected Jeff Winger in a way we never could have guessed. Yes, young Shirley made young Jeff pee himself.

Young Shirley and Jeff

That picture you're looking at is of young Shirley - aka "Big Cheddar" - whooping Jeff "Tinkletown" at foosball. I just need to mention Jeff's rat-tail hairdo for a minute because there were multiple kids in my elementary school who rocked that trend. This whole scenario is so 90s and I love it.

Little did we know that Shirley was such a badass kid and her taunting ways helped shape the pretend-secure, overcompensating sarcastic Jeff Winger that we know and love today. I once read that creator Dan Harmon said the hardest character to write for is Shirley. Still, he rose to the challenge and created a storyline that really made us see this woman in a new light.

Her badass childhood only made me understand and love her more. It also presented an opportunity for her to bond with Jeff, something we hadn't seen much of before. The B story touched, meanwhile, on the roommate dynamic of Troy, Abed, and Annie. 

Annie's OCD tendencies led her to accidentally break Abed's special edition of The Dark Knight. When she and Troy panicked about how to handle it, Troy brought up one of the most universal truths in the world of Community: Abed knows everything. 

Abed does know everything, including how to do a perfect imitation of Christian Bale's throaty Batman voice. Annie could have used a lesson or two, but let's give the girl a break: she was crying while giving it a shot. However, if Abed is so wise, how did he not see that Annie was lying? Maybe he didn't want to see it. It could be as simple as Troy, Abed and Annie's bond overriding the anger Abed had about the DVD. 

This episode was full of love and awesome quotes. Heck, even Britta loved her cat enough to get it Lasik. As usual, hit the comments and lament how there's only one episode of Community remaining until... who the heck even knows when.

Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism Review

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