It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: I'm A Man Now

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If high school was as horrific an experience as it was for Dee, Dennis, Mac and Charlie, I'd shred the invite for my high school reunion the minute it landed in my mailbox.

But being suckers for abuse, the Gang relished the chance to attend "The High School Reunion" in a feeble attempt to right the wrongs done to them back in the day. And it was just that: all sorts of wrong.

We found out Mac's real name was Ronald McDonald, Charlie was Dirt Grub, Dee shared a raging case of ringworm with Rickety Cricket and Dennis apparently wasn't all that.

Reunion Time

Rickety Cricket was always the weirdo we've come to love to see beat down. To see him back in his priest regalia and then thieving from his fellow ex-classmates was hysterical. It must be that missing tooth that gets me every time.

Speaking of teeth, Dennis' ex-wife, Maureen, made an appearance and it seemed just to antagonize Dennis and disgust Frank. The stench of a dead tooth must have been pretty intense to make even Frank run away. Dennis again slayed me with his out of control haughtiness. Really, Dennis? Because it seemed like no one could stand you back in the day.

Frank apparently just went along for the ride. Stealing Nikki Potnick's nametag not only earned him entry into the inner sanctum of Saint Joe's but a one-way ticket to Bully-ville.

And in typical Dee fashion, getting to hang out with the "cool crowd" turned her into the bitch on wheels we all know and love. I've always adored Dee because she can turn on a dime and getting to stick it to her past tormenters went out the window the minute she got to do shots with them. Not only did she go along with the abuse heaped on Mac and Charlie by Adriano and company, she caused the waitress to fall off the wagon. I think I'll be using the Waitress's "I know you bitch" line from now on.

By the way, was this a 20th-year high school reunion or something because everyone looked ancient. Frank may have been goofing off, but Adriano and company looked a little too long in the tooth to have been in the same class as Charlie and Mac. Poor Mac, not only was he Ronald McDonald but Ronny the Rat as well.

The best was when Charlie passed out from sniffing a combination of ammonia and bleach and Mac and Frank each got atomic wedgies. How disgusting was the yellowed (and, dare I say, moldy?) underwear Brad Fisher pulled off Charlie?

Shout outs to "Brad Fisher" (the hot bartender on Revenge) and "Adriano" (the sneaky but sexy cop on Grimm).

This was easily one of the funniest episodes of the season. I can't wait until next week to see what sort of revenge the Gang can come up with to finally put their demons to rest. A raging case of the clap this time around?

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The High School Reunion Review

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