Being Human Review: Let's Talk About Sex

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Aidan's being "All Out of Blood" was the least of the gang's worries this week on Being Human. A really great episode with unexpected adventures at every turn, this installment brought it all out.

Aidan and Julia were having incredible sex, and when Nora was experiencing the extreme senses of smell and hearing from her wolf side, she and Josh gave them a run for their money. There was nothing wrong with that, let me tell you. I liked seeing the sexy side of Nora, especially as she grappled with her new feelings, and seeing Aidan bring on his sex is never a bad thing.

Nora, Josh and Sally

I never saw it coming, did you? That Julia was Josh's Julia? The former fiance. AWKWARD! Really, thinking about hearing all that intercourse, and joining in on a sex-off and then discovering it was your ex in the next room is really beyond comprehension. From all sides it, is almost unimaginable. Did you notice when Aidan and Josh were talking about it that there was sweat pooled on his forehead? I couldn't help wondering if that was for effect or if he was just having a moment of profuse sweating.

My question was answered shortly thereafter. When starving, that's one of Aidan's reactions. The whole story seemed a little weird given that there was no interaction with Suren at all. At the very least, it would seem that by going by to see how she's holding up he could get himself a little sustenance. Even though he doesn't eat live any longer, I don't think she would be so cruel as to deny him blood.

Have you ever been in a storage facility? Besides my morbid fascination with Storage Wars, I used to work in a building that also housed storage units. They are noisy. I can't think of a worse place to turn into a werewolf than in a giant metal echo chamber like the facility Josh chose for him and Nora to change. What if someone showed up to check their locker?

It almost didn't matter. Josh left Julia to protect her from what he was, but didn't have the same care for Nora. In Nora's eyes, that was unacceptable. Why didn't he leave her to protect her? Wasn't she worth saving? Beware a woman scorned. She was tailing Julia with flashes of killing Hegeman in her eyes. It turned out that Nora remembered every minute of her first night as a wolf. If she was a lesser person, Nora would have killed Julia.

While she didn't give in to her greater impulse, Aidan bought himself some live feeding time with an old friend. With as addicted as he is to live feeding, it will be interesting to see where he ends up once he hooks up with Suren again.

Finally, Sally was still struggling with wanting to leave this world. She found a reincarnation nurse and made an attempt to inhabit a newborn, but the black smoky monster that came flying through her door would have joined her. She appears to be stuck until she discovers what that thing is. As Zoe said, she has a it a lot better than any other ghosts she knows with roommates and people who care for her. Call me crazy, but that still wouldn't make up for being dead.

Did you think they succeeded in being human this week? I have to give them two thumbs down!

All Out of Blood Review

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