Being Human Review: Mother May I?

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"Turn This Mother Out" kicks off Being Human's second season with our three supernatural friends finding their way through their own personal dilemmas. That means less screen time for our main cast as a group, but plenty of story to go around.

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Josh and Nora: It sure is interesting what you can learn about mythical creatures the more television shows you watch. I was completely confused as to why Nora couldn't see Sally when we all knew she had been infected by Josh and was a werewolf. Apparently, you have to turn once before your heightened powers take over, and you're no longer just lusting after raw meat.

Try as she might, Nora could not bring herself to just come out and tell Josh he scratched her. I'm sure part of it was a hope that she was wrong, even when the evidence was becoming a bit overwhelming that she would turn at the next full moon. Not to mention crushing Josh's sweet demeanor (did I really just say that about a bloodthirsty werewolf?).

Somehow she managed to talk herself into accompanying Josh on his romp into the woods to turn, and while he was out there doing his thing, she started her own transformation in the car, watching herself change in the mirror.

Sally: Watching Sally struggle with her corporeal moves was hilarious. I'm so glad she's finally getting into her ghostly groove. Holding cups, using pencils. That's big stuff for a being who can walk through walls.

Everyone talks her into attending her class reunion and she gathers with some fellow dead classmates. It figures the most shallow dead person at the reunion realizes she was rotten to others and her door pops up... while Sally and Stevie - who have had quite a lot of time to realize the mistakes they made in their lives and changes that could have set them free - stand there doorless. Where’s the Ghost Whisperer when you need her?

Stevie is a great find, however, and teaches Sally to sleep. Can you imagine sleeping for the first time since you died?

Aidan: The vampire tweekers (really, a perfect description for them) were everywhere and Aidan felt responsible for them since he killed Bishop. Did Bishop pick the runts of every litter to create his minions? Whatever he did, it was against the vampire code and now Mother wants them culled. To his defense, Aidan thought they had been done a misdeed by Bishop and shouldn’t be painted with the same brush.

Overlooked as boss of Boston in favor of “Mother’s” daughter, Suren. his was appointed as babysitter and guide in return for his freedom after he successfully releases Suren to run the city.

A WTF moment: Seriously, have you ever seen so many people stomping around within sniffing distance on the same parcel of land before? The last scene, in the woods, was almost too much. Josh decides to change there, Mother's daughter just happens to be buried there and Aidan is digging her up and Hagerman is out huntin'...werewolves? It's like they chose a city park to get all dank and dark. Did anyone else think this was a bit odd?

On the lighter side in terms of content, I think the groundwork has been laid for what to expect for the remainder of the season. Josh and Nora will be dealing with the repercussions of Nora's fate, Sally will be growing as a ghost and Aidan will be fighting for his freedom. All interesting. All leave me craving more.

Turn This Mother Out Review

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