Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train"

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Jeff and Lester saved the day, while Sarah Walker lost the last five years of her memory on this past Friday's Chuck.

Now our panel of Nick McHatton, Kris Hekmi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella are here to discuss these topics and more in the last Chuck Round Table before this Friday's two-part finale.

Check out Kris's preview of the series finale, then sound off in the comments with your own answers to the Round Table questions...


What was the funniest moment from the episode?
Nick: The ass kicking lap dance Sarah gave Chuck. Luckiest guy in the world, I'm telling ya.

Kris: I think the funniest moment was the second time Casey said "Go to my Crown Vic" but this time to Jeffster!

Eric: Pretty much everything out of Lester's mouth as he talked to the little earling known as Casey.  Do it for your country.  For Canada?

Dan: With all the hilarity that came out of Jeffster's rescue mission, I find it strange that I thought the funniest thing of the episode was Morgan responded "I started wearing tight slacks" when Ellie asked if anything different happen on his missions.  It was that good, though.  Fantastic deadpan from Josh Gomez.

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More badass, Sarah with the intersect?  Or Jeff and Lester saving the day?
Nick: Like Kris, I'm a Sarah Walker Fangirl. Jeff and Lester will never be badass when compared to Sarah. Yeah, putting sug' in the gas tank is kind of genius, as is saving Casey's daughter. But, giving an intersect to the already badass Sarah Walker? There is only one winner, and Jeff and Lester aren't it.

Kris: Sarah is badass with or without intersect. To pit her against Jeff and Lester in any capacity is just a blight on humanity. 

Eric: Relatively speaking, Jeffster!  There's nothing more impressive than mere mortals donning the heavy stuff to save the day.  Sarah, meanwhile, I just don't think needed the Intersect to be as silly awesome as she was, let alone 40 times just to do a little parkouring.

Dan: I'm with Eric in that it is all relative.  Jeffster is never badass, so donning the mega gun and the flamethrower was way out of their league.  Badass.

How do you feel about a blank slate Sarah taking on Chuck?
Nick: Personally, I think it's the most contrived set up the show has done yet. Sarah might be brainwashed, but she's not an idiot. Sarah is a well trained spy, brainwashed or not, and for her to accept such cheap and easy excuses from Quinn is absolutely stupid. But my hands are up to signal surrender, nothing I can do about it - I'll just enjoy it for what it is.

Kris: Taking my feelings out of it completely, and attempting to be completely objective, the stakes in a blank Sarah taking on Chuck are very high. If what Fedak wanted was for people to gnash their teeth, tear out their hair, and shave their heads from going crazy, then he certainly did the right thing. It's going to be, at the very least, interesting.

Eric: I'll give this the same reaction I gave The Vow trailer and anything else that ever relied on the memory loss gimmick.  Ugh.

Dan: I would agree with all you haters if memory loss wasn't so built into the fabric of the series.  The Intersect, which is really the essence of Chuck, is a computer in someone's brain.  They have planted the idea of this device screwing with people's minds, and even ruining Morgan's memory within this season.  Sarah taking on the intersect, using it over and over again, and then losing her memory after more brain flashing torture, seemed completely organic.  It sets up for a fantastic different type of conflict to the end the series.  I can't wait.

Since this is the last chance before next week's two-part finale, what's the finale scene of Chuck going to be?
Nick: Chuck and Sarah getting their house and discovering/announcing they're pregnant to this collective family we've grown to love over the past five seasons.

Kris: Hopefully what all the people going insane from the last episode want: Sarah and Chuck riding off into the sunset together, maybe multiple fetuses growing in Sarah's belly...oh yea, and everyone else happy and alive too. All I personally want is for everyone to get to say good-bye to each other. Maybe Sarah will look into the screen and mouth "good-bye to YOU, Kris." I would die. But then I would die happy.

Eric: Yeah, Nick pretty much called it.  I want to see them live out Chuck's drawing in front of the home with the white picket fence and little Charah in hand.

Dan: Is there any other possibility?  We will probably all be wrong, and it's going to end with Chuck murdering Sarah, Morgan and Casey, getting Shaw out of prison, and taking over the world!

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