One Tree Hill Round Table: "Know This, We've Noticed"

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One Tree Hill returned with its final season premiere last Wednesday. The episode featured the return of a couple of our favorite villains, the introduction to Brooke Davis' estranged father and a few teases of dark times to come.

Let's take a look back at "Know This, We've Noticed," as TV Fanatic staff members Dan Forcella, Nick McHatton and Miranda Wicker are joined by One Tree Hill Fanatic Brian Shure to dissect the season premiere in the first ever OTH Round Table...


What was your single favorite moment from the season premiere?
Miranda: It's a toss-up between Julian joking that they should sell the twins to China and the time when Brooke crawls in bed all happy and content that both babies are finally asleep only to have one of them wake up. As a mom of a toddler who didn't sleep as an infant, I appreciate any and all humorous portrayals of what sleep deprivation looks like. Unfortunately, I'm somewhat jealous I didn't wear sleep deprivation as well as Brooke does.

Nick: Brooke has always been my favorite character on this show, and I loved the voice over she did that basically recapped her life. She's changed so much, from a party girl whose future was very much in question to a strong, independent, loyal, compassionate, and successful woman. So watching her be such a great mom (as if there was any question) was absolutely fantastic.

Brian: Mine was when Chris Keller made his appearance as Haley discovered he had somehow weaseled his way into running the label. Love him or hate him, when you need to introduce some drama and excitement into a storyline, no better way than to reintroduce Chris Keller.

Dan: I loved the scene that the first few moments set for the finale season. Watching all of the trouble that it seems like these characters are going to get into was fantastic. There may not have been a better single line than Dan Scott's "If you can, leave the killing to me. I'm already on the list."

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Let's get speculative...who did Haley see under that sheet?
Miranda: I think Haley saw Dan under the sheet. He's been such an evil man for so long, it's about time he got a real come-uppance. The final kind. Though I wouldn't be surprised if she saw a complete stranger under there and her reaction is because she's relieved it's not someone she loves on that table.

Nick: Haley is probably crying because they figured out she killed Chris Keller. No, actually I think we're supposed to be wondering in suspense if it's Nathan or Lucas or someone she really cares about, but I'm going to echo Miranda here that it's probably Dan. He's done so many terrible things there are only two ways he can go: death or redemption.

Brian: Tough call, my first reaction was either Nathan or Lucas. I think bringing back Lucas to kill him off would be a little over the top. Would they really kill off Nathan? Might be bold, but I'm going to go with Nate. Not sure who else would require Haley to identify and would also make her react like that.

Dan: So nobody thinks it is Haley herself? They did have those ghost scenes to start the season last year. Yeah, let's try to forget those. I'm going to go with Chris Keller.

The return of Chris Keller, charming or annoying?
Miranda: Chris Keller? Annoying. Even Chris Keller thinks Chris Keller is annoying.

Nick: Annoying in a charming kind of way?

Brian: I think it’s both. There probably is not a better word than annoying to describe Chris Keller. However, he does have a certain charm to his character, whether you like him or not. Annoyingly charming maybe? He knows what he’s doing, knows how to manipulate people, and just ends up on someone's good side, even after he gives them every reason to hate him. His encounters with Alex are the perfect example. He obnoxiously criticizes her song to no end, making sure he does it in a way to piss her off. However, he is able to sell her on the improved version of the song, basically both proving he was right all along and coming off as if his plan was perfectly executed. We've seen his act before, but he definitely has a certain charm about him.

Dan: Annoying?!?! Not at all. If he was annoying why would everyone in Tree Hill love him so much?

First impressions of Ted Davis after seeing him in the flesh?
Miranda: I always imagined Ted Davis with a pompadour, so I was somewhat underwhelmed. I imagined he'd be taller and more Dan-like. So far, he seems kind of...normal, which is not what I expected. He and Victoria are headed for an angry exes hook-up. I'm calling it now.

Nick: It's hard for me to actually put a face on Ted Davis, he's been this fictional afterthought in the show for so long. It's easy to see why he and Victoria hooked up, they're almost identical and they have great chemistry together with their one-liners.

Brian: Even before meeting Ted Davis, I could not stop making the parallels between him and Kelly Taylor's father (90210). It was almost a dead rip-off in the leading up to his appearance. It remains to be seen how they use his character, so I will hold off on the unoriginal storyline. With that said, my first impression was pretty much what I expected.

Dan: I wasn't expecting him to be as sarcastic as he was in his first appearance. I thought he would be this dead beat dad that had minimal personality. I was wrong.

What level of compassion do you have for the murderous Dan Scott?
Miranda: I have ZERO compassion for Dan Scott. Z-E-R-O. The guy is an abusive jerk to his sons for their entire lives, is constantly scheming, murders his brother in cold blood, confesses to it, and only gets four years in prison?  I didn't like him when he was trying to make nice and pouting about how he deserved to get to know his grandson. His shooting Nanny Carrie didn't earn him many points with me either. There's no amount of "Poor me! My diner burnt down and it was all I had left! Boohoo!" that will make me feel bad for him. He's one of the best bad guys on television because I love to hate him.

Nick: Zero. He's an asshole and I would not even blink if I saw a bullet pass through his head. Too violent? I'll tone it down for James Lucas Scott: Grandpa Dan took an early retirement in Europe.

Brian: Surprisingly, I have a ton of compassion for the guy. I realize all the bad things he has done and in no way am I letting him off the hook. His sons both would be justified never having him in their lives again. Yet, whenever he's in a scene, I find myself rooting for his character. I'm sitting there hoping Nathan will let him back in his life in some way. This is a major turning point for me, as I hated the guy for most of the series.  At this point in the show, and Dan's character's progression, I think his sorrow and remorse are the real deal. I actually believe he is a changed man. He has finally realized what is important in life and wants some aspect of having a family again.

Dan: I don't think he's changed like Brian does, but that doesn't matter to me. I still enjoy me some Dan Scott. Would I forgive this guy if I lived in the world of One Tree Hill? Absolutely not, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get dusty in my place when I watched him pour his sole out to Haley.

Dan Forcella is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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