Archer Review: Thank You, Dodge!

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Wow, let that be an impressive lesson in product placement. On this week's Archer, Sterling received a very impressive spy-modified Dodge Challenger for his birthday.

Archer's Dodge Challenger

While Malory quite clearly stated how little Dodge kicked in this episode, it was a still pretty hilarious/shameless shill for the car. Even if they did sub in apple juice for whiskey.

Once Archer's brand new vehicle got stolen, the second half of "Drift Problem" became a strange hybrid of a Fast and Furious movie with a parody of Bluth-style parenting.

Although the special effects and excellent driving by Shiroi Kabocha during the Yakuza chase scenes were fun, Archer's modified limited rampage certainly never reached the heights of his previous full-fledged rampage.

There were some entertaining moments throughout, though, and the great casting of George Takei as a guest voice, but the build up for Malory's stealing of the car just never paid off.

Plus, man, I was kind of sad that Archer never got back his car. Sure, I feel sad for childhood Sterling with the paddling and emotional scarring and what not. But grown up Archer need a bulletproof spy ride. Even if it was out of caltrops and the hot blonde was just a pre-recording.

We all know Krieger could have fixed the latter. He has the creepy technology. Enjoy your new car, Mr. Ford.

You know where to head for our favorite Archer jokes from the episode, with a special honorable mention to Cheryl for the best lines of the week and to Archer for his obscure Ron O'Neil reference. Happy birthday, my good man.

Drift Problem Review

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Krieger: Press that red button.
Archer: Is it going to kill everyone?
Krieger: Press that blue button.

Archer: Does no one seriously no what today is?
Pam: Tuesday?
Cheryl: The rapture?