Blue Bloods Review: The God Whisperer

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If you believe in God, how do you talk to Him and, more importantly, does He talk back? Those were some of the questions that "Leap of Faith" circled around on Blue Bloods.

When Sandy stood their screaming at Danny that God told her Charles killed her mother, she looked like a nut. That was, until the detectives found out that Charles first wife had committed suicide. Suddenly the grieving husband looked a little less innocent.

What is it with Danny? Sometimes he seems like a smart guy and other times I want to smack him. 

Danny and a Daughter

If he wanted information about the first wife's suicide, it would have been smart not to insult the detective on the case. There should have been a way to question him without basically calling the man an idiot. Speaking with the cop was a complete waste of time because Danny let his emotions get the better of him.

Until they got the doctor to confess to giving Charles the drugs I thought he had reasonable doubt on his side. The daughter could have planted the drugs when she stole his bag and killed her mother for the money. At least that's the story I would have spun if I were Charles lawyer. 

I was kind of disappointed Charles was the killer. I was rooting for him, as I've always like actor Timothy Busfield, but I suppose God doesn't lie.

And I was surprised how strongly Danny backed Sandy from the beginning. I would have thought his cop sense would have written her off but it looks like his Catholic upbringing also had quite an influence. But it was Jackie who made the connection to the patient named Berlin.

Across town, Frank was being asked to back a saint. It was sad to see that even sainthood is mired in politics as His Excellency pressured Frank to back their man. 

One of the best things about this story was that it gave Frank some very amusing lines when speaking to the priests about his views on sainthood. To wit:

My mother was a saint. My wife was a saint, especially by the time she was chasing four kids under 10 around the house. | permalink

I loved that Frank never caved into the pressure but was curious enough to do his own investigation. In the end he didn't find a saint, just a complicated man who tried to do what he thought was right and maybe that was enough. And as Frank said, the funny part of all of this was that...

If you told Father Bill he was a candidate for sainthood he'd laugh his ass off. | permalink

All of this led to another great Reagan family dinner as the group pondered life's mysteries, how they talked to God and whether God gave a shout out back. Erin was the most skeptical, as the brothers seemed to have a more open interpretation of communicating with God. The best part was hearing that when Frank speaks to God, the big guy calls him Frankie.

All in all, it was yet another entertaining night with the Reagans.

Leap of Faith Review

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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

She tries to get in the building again we've asked security to call God.


My mother was a saint. My wife was a saint especially by the time she was chasing four kids under ten around the house.