Castle Round Table: "Linchpin"

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What did you think of Castle and Beckett's struggle to stop WWIII? Did Sophia influence Kate and Castle's future? And who is Castle's father? 

TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando ponder those questions and more in this "Linchpin" based edition of the Castle Round Table.


Did you like the cliffhanger's conclusion?
Courtney: The episode as whole? Yes. The conclusion to the car crashing. Not really at all. The second hour was entertaining and was a good resolution to Part 1.

Chandel: I loved it. It was probably one of the most suspenseful Castle episodes I can really remember at this point. It was epic!

Jim: Overall it was a good conclusion, though I stand by my comment about a car in the water being over used, it didn't help when they added Beckett's gun being knocked out of her holster and her seatbelt getting stuck. Her gun is a holster under her arm. That holster is designed to run, jump, and fight in it, there is no way it would have gotten loose!

Christine: I loved the suspense of the entire episode but felt a little cheated that we didn't see them coming out of the water. Sometimes this show cuts scenes before I'm completely satisfied and it's frustrating.

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What was you favorite scene?
Courtney: Beckett and Castle entering the professor’s apartment and Gage saving them from it. I’m pretty sure my face at home was the same as theirs on screen. That room was seriously intense. Loved it.

Chandel: Probably the one at the end where Beckett declared that Sophia had been telling a lot of lies. She had me really worried that she'd bought into the whole Rick-and-I-didn't-work-out thing from Sophia.

Jim: I loved Castle and Sophia discussing the graphic novel. It was a sly way of working the Derek Storm graphic novel into the episode.  

Christine: When Alexis walked into the morgue just as Kate told Castle he could sleep whoever he wanted "the more the merrier." The looks on all of their faces literally made me laugh out loud.

Did this case end up pushing Kate and Rick closer together or further apart?
Courtney: It didn’t really do either. Kate get’s jealous about Sophia; Rick is honest with her about the past. They make it out of a deadly situation, together. Rick assures Kate she is his only partner. It’s all stuff that has happened before. This case made them more solid as friends and as partners, but didn’t pull them closer together in any way romantically.

Chandel: Clearly closer together. For a while I thought it would go completely the other way, but this episode really did edified their relationship in a lot of ways.

Jim: Neither, but I think it did apply the brakes for Kate after Sophia mentioned "I sometimes wish we hadn't slept together". GAH!!! move forward already. Admit feelings, kiss, hold hands, something!!!

Christine: I disagree, Jim. By the end I think Kate realizes that Sophia's entire life was a lie and that nothing she said could be trusted. The episode brought them a bit closer together but only marginally so. But I do agree... I'm tired of being patient! Get on with it already.

Any guesses on the identity of Castle's father?
Courtney: No idea, but I am loving the idea that he could have been in the CIA. Makes having a father who was not around sting a little less if they are off hunting bad guys. Chances are he is connected to the mystery man helping Castle with Beckett’s moms case.

Chandel: Someone with enough clout he might actually be of help if Castle and Beckett delve further into the Johanna Beckett murder. I think maybe he might provide them some protection they might not have had. That said, they would have to identify and locate him first. It may very well be that my imagination just ran away with me though!

Jim: I'm calling it right now! It was Colonel Mustard in the Study with the Candlestick....

Christine: Oh, the irony of Castle actually having a father in the CIA. Love it. But what I am hoping is that Beckett does some detective work behind the scenes and tries to come up with some answers for Castle.  It would be nice to see her doing something to help him for a change.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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