Matt's Most Memorable Moments: Kristen Bell Times Two!

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I'm breaking all the rules this week, TV Fanatics. And it's all the fault of Kristen Bell.

Typically, my Moments of the Week are reserved for the funniest, most surprising and/or most dramatic scenes from the last few days of primetime television. But then the House of Lies star appeared on Ellen, talked about sloths and - sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself...

5. The return of Ringer. It hasn't been the sort of ratings hit that The CW anticipated, but few shows offer as many twists and turns and, come on. The alternative for The CW over the last couple weeks had been Remodeled. EPIC FAIL.

4. The appearance of Pruitt Taylor Vince on Justified. Few men can go toe-to-toe, or gun-to-gun, with Raylan Gives. But this guest star introduced viewers to a game of Harlan Roulette that instantly elevated him into the pantheon of incredible Justified villains.

3. Alicia vs. Peter Florrick. On yet another memorable episode of The Good Wife, Alicia and Peter shared a drink in their former kitchen, as the audience awaited the inevitable blowup that finally arose when Peter bellowed at his ex-ish wife that yes, OF COURSE, his investigation into Will was about... "that."

2. Gossip Girl turned 100. The show celebrated this milestone on Monday with a reveal no one saw coming: the identity of Gossip Girl herself! No, it wasn't actually Kristen Bell, but speaking of that actress...

1. She appeared on Ellen. She showed a home video of herself crying over her 31st birthday present. She made us love her forever. Watch the video above.

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