Supernatural Round Table: "Repo Man"

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Supernatural played a few mind games on last Friday's "Repo Man," the final new episode of this CW favorite until March 16.

That makes Round Table panelists Carlissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Sean McKenna very sad. But now isn't the time to cry. It's the time to debate various topics from the latest episode, as the team does in the following Q&A...


Lucifer's return: Good idea or played out idea?
Carissa: I can never get enough of Mark Pellegrino. He's the perfect demon inside your head. In a strange way, he keeps Sam on the straight path because he's so afraid of what might happen if he listens to him.

Carla: As much as I love Mark Pellegrino, At this point, I don't like Lucifer's return. It makes me terribly sad for Sam. Why did he return now? But, depending on how it plays out I easily could change my mind.

Sean: I like that Pellegrino is back because he plays a fantastic Lucifer. However, I’m curious to see more than potentially just a hallucination. I wonder if the show will ever go back to the real Lucifer and the cage. They do still have a brother trapped down there.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you wish that the four years ago flashback was a reference to a hunt we had seen before?
Carissa: Nope. I was good with it. We couldn't have possibly seen everything that the bros have been through, so it's fun to find out what else we didn't get to see.

Carla: I thought the flashback was a great way to tell the story. There's no way we have seen all the excursions the Winchester brothers have been on, so it was a fresh way to tell a new story. They could have gone back to demon we've already seen, but episode-wise I think this worked out better.

Sean: I liked it. It showed that there are plenty of missions the brothers have been on that we just haven’t seen. It was a neat way to tie in the past with the present.

Do you think the demons will ever make a powerful come back? Lilith perhaps?
Carissa: I was confused at the "then" at the beginning since Lilith was so integral to it. Yet she was nowhere to be found. I liked what Sam said about not working every minute on the Leviathan. I hope Lilith comes back and wipes them out with a simple flick of her hand.

Carla: If Crowley has anything to say about it, they will! Is it sad to say I kinda miss the demons? The Leviathan aren't any fun. The boys can't kill them, so what's the point? I preferred the world where there were certain rules and both sides knew them. It created a fun chase. Dick is no fun.

Sean: I was curious about the mentioning of Lilith at all, especially because she wasn’t in the episode. I have to agree with both Carla and Carissa, with the Leviathan still lackluster, I’d really enjoy going back to the brothers’ old foes.

Is Sam hallucinating or is he still stuck in the cage in Hell?
Carissa: Neither. I think Lucifer is really appearing to him. Even if Lucifer were still in the cage would you doubt he'd have the capability to astrally project himself anywhere he wanted to go?

Carla: I have no idea. I guess I'd prefer it if he was hallucinating. If he's still in Hell, then what was this season all about? Fake?

Sean: I’m not sure. If he was still in the cage it would be a cool twist but ultimately would ruin the entire season because it would have meant that none of it was real. I do feel as if there is more to Lucifer though than just a hallucination.

Thoughts on the final moments?
Carissa: Nothing really. He's either back with Sammy for good, we'll have to watch him suffer through life with Luce or he'll embrace him and learn to lose him you never know with Supernatural. Maybe this is where Bobby and Cass will come back to protect Sammy's eternal soul.

Carla: It was weird. What was it all about? I hope we get an answer in the next episode.

Sean: Is it the beginning of the end for Sam? All I can say is that it seems Lucifer has a tight grasp and he’s not going to let go. Sam is in some serious trouble.

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