House of Lies Review: Defending Your Life

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While the title of this week's episode, "Ouroboros" was anything but subtle, it worked on just about every level of the story we were treaed to. The most generic application would be relating Marty to the snake eating its own tail as we continued this week to watch him sweat out the merger. His own voracious pursuit of clients caused him to lose the ten million dollar Pfizer account and all but sealed his fate in Skip's mind.

The Ouroboros also represents the cyclical nature of things, a return to one's beginning which is what we saw as Marty and his Pod were forced to essentially interview for their jobs again like they probably did right out of business school. Last week Jeannie grilled young prospects with case questions, but this time she was in the line of fire as a seemingly jealous classmate of Wes's trained her sights on our girl. 

How great was it when Marty met Wes and Jeannie's secret was revealed? While trying to hold up the sky from falling on him, Marty still had time to relish the moment he by chance walked into. I'm sure we are in for some serious chess play as it is revealed that Jeannie and Marco slept together. Will Marty dangle the truth about Jeannie in front of Wes in order to get what he wants? Would he do such a thing? From what we've seen and been told by the man himself I have to think the answer would be yes. 

Happy Monica

The Roscoe and April show had all three generations of Kaan's in one room and together they were a familial Ouroboros. When Marty confronted his dad about the medication we saw that Jeremiah is facing his mortality with a brave face. Marty continued to struggle in the middle of his life while Roscoe, still in its early stages, has been trying to discover who he is and what it is all about. 

There were some great moments sans symbolism as well this week highlighted once again by Clyde and Doug. I celebrated their entire collection, from Clyde's off color comments during Skip's speech to Doug "over D'ing" on the streets of L.A. Greg thinking they were a couple was amazing. 

A couple things just did not sit right with me though. First off, last week James was a candidate still in business school being recruited by the nation's top consulting firms and in the next episode he is part of a three person panel charged with the job of interviewing industry professionals and rating their abilities? Seemed like a convenient stretch. The other part I just didn't buy was Monica and her whole office seduction routine with Marty, enough already. As much as I would have enjoyed hearing their safe word again, the timing did not seem right considering she already had put the custody hearing into motion. Marty got served to close out the episode and not in the Omarion Grandberry way. Were we really supposed to be that shocked though? 

House of Lies stumbled a bit this week, but slipping is far from a fall. I fully expect things to start interfacing again next time around. 

Ouroboros Review

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House of Lies Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Love him or hate him, whether he survives or gets thrown to the wolves, Marty Kaan is at least his own man.

K. Warren

Clyde: How can he talk with all that cock in his mouth?
Doug: Can you nurse a hard-on?
Clyde: If anybody can do it, you can.
Doug: You're the hard-on that needs a nurse.
Clyde: Ew, what?