House Review: The Blind Leading the Blind

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"Love is Blind" is what I've been wanting the writers of House to explore for some time now. 

Please, I begged, bring back the House paternity storyline! I want to see House examine a relationship with his father as well as he did in season 5 episode "Birthmarks." But while it was interesting throughout this episode to see House grapple with having his mother and potential father in his life again, albeit briefly, I found myself wanted more depth and less comedy.

After Wilson told House about his mother's terminal illness - which, by the way, was an obvious charade, but still worked because it showed us a connection between mother and son - House dropped the fabricated African drawings into the trash and went to see his mother immediately. Surprisingly, House's skeptical world view doesn't apply as strongly to his parent. And his constant hiding from her could mean that he does respect her and doesn't want to deal with her scrutiny, even if she does mean well.

Michael B. Jordan on House

But onto Vince... I mean, Will! Or Alex, if you're a fan of Parenthood, which I am. I'm sorry to say that although I love Michael B. Jordan, this week's patient didn't really jive for me.  I like that the stakes were raised regarding his blindness and that he had to choose between losing his hearing or death, but the parallels this week didn't hold water for me. 

Maybe I'm taking this too literally, but how should I apply his opinions about feeling like he needs to feel needed. Did House feel like he used to need Cuddy? And now Dominika, his green-card wife needs him? But not for who he is, just for his citizenship... right?! And yes, I know I mentioned Cuddy. Again. Sue me.

Please, writers, don't craft a love story from thin air. What was I supposed to take from this patient? How does his plight help us understand House better? I've stopped paying attention to Adams. Her constant judgmental attitude has been wearing thin for some time. I'm uninterested in her journey as a character. Let her grow up off screen; I already saw Cameron mature; I don't need to witness the world of House through Adams' eyes.

However, witnessing the world of House through Parks' eyes this week was amusing. Was it a cheap gag? Yes. Did I mind because it was a little funny? No. Although after seeing House in a bizarre Elvis wig a couple weeks ago, I think the creative staff on the show might just be trying to fill some kind of bizarre costume quota with the series coming to an end. Luckily, there were some awesome House quotes in this episode, but I mean honestly... Taub in a tooth fairy costume? It was kind of fitting while being absurd and rather stupid.

What do you think Park's version of Foreman would have looked like? 

In the end, Will ends up with Melissa, his original girlfriend who wants him and needs him for exactly who he is. And bonus! Will is rewarded with his hearing for choosing the more optimistic path in his treatment. And Melissa can put a ring on it. Happy endings for all involved. Except, of course, for the girl Will dated on "the break."  But who likes hot copy place girls anyway? If you're not understanding my Friends reference, it's time to start watching TBS reruns. Or Nick at Nite. Or a handful of other stations that play the series around the clock. 

But back to House and his father. Or his biological father. Or not. Turns out Thomas, who was incredibly likable despite every rabbit House pulled out of his hat, isn't House's biological father. So as Wilson and House said by the end of this episode, we learn two things. One, House's mom is sluttier than we thought (Go Blythe!) and two, she's not so boring after all.  Watching House try and solve his own DNA mystery in "Birthmarks" was fun and smart. But can it be again? The show has eight more episodes to try and get it right.

One last gripe: Remember when I said in my review of "Nobody's Fault" that I hoped the show wouldn't just drop the idea of House taking some responsibility like a bad habit? Well, I think they did. And that bothers me. This season generally feels like it's waffling. I know the series doesn't generally build to a final arc until about four episodes are left, but can't we plant some seeds now? Or is that what all the father stuff will be doing? I just want this series to go all in with a storyline. I want some risks that will pay and episodes that aren't so stand alone. 

My House wish list is building and building. Thank you for doing a Chase-centric episode. Thank you for bringing House's father storyline back. Now, let's not drop either and get some forward momentum. Eight episodes left and the next new episode is in two weeks. Hit the comments and I'll see you then!

Love is Blind Review

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