Psych Review: A Crazy Grace

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Plum Cake, missing earlobes, crazed fans and even crazier ex-lovers. Indeed, Psych delivered another quirky and quotable episode with "Autopsy Turvy."

Scary Close-Up

This week's installment was a fusion of creative energies both in front of and behind the camera. Andy Berman, who co-wrote this week's twists and turns with James Roday, made an appearance as a Thai waiter with a distinct and "unoffensive" accent. Anyone notice that Andy's been on the show twice now, each time as a different person?!

Who could forget to mention the epic-ness taking place behind the camera as Jennifer Lynch (daughter of Twin Peaks creator David Lynch) made her Psych debut. It had several hallmarks reminiscent of her father's rather sinister and compelling style, the 1930's dance hall, the crazy murder fan and even crazier mortician who wanted to take Woody's job. This episode definitely had me thinking of Twin Peaks.

Of course, the guest stars also made this hour a fun watch. French Stewart has been noticeably absent from the television scene. I still remember his stint as Inspector Gadget and that's the last I remember of him! Wish he wouldn't have died in this episode!

(Note: Sorry, Community fans, I now sit corrected: he appeared on last week's episode of that NBC sitcom.)

But did anyone else call that Grace was totally up to no good the entire time? I think my suspicion of her frequently got lost in the repeated sexually charged references she made to Woody throughout their professional time together, which distracted me with their awkwardness- - but I swear it was there the whole time! Maybe it was because I really didn't want Whip Chatterly be the culprit?

Other highlights from this week's episode:

  • Gus getting some awkward action.
  • Woody remaining head coroner.
  • Woody's inappropriate banter with the Chief.
  • Chief Vick's reaction to his wildly inappropriate behavior.
  • Woody having and intriguing past.
  • Crazy Grace not killing Woody.
  • Henry reappearing at that dance hall.
  • Chief Vick reminding us that "we don't want no scrubs."

So, Psych-Os, did you see that ending coming? What was your favorite moment?

Autopsy Turvy Review

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