Sons of Anarchy Season 5 to Explore "Ripple Effect" of President Jax Teller

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It didn't take long for the Sons of Anarchy panel at PaleyFest 2012 to turn dirty.

Within minutes of being asked whether Chucky's masturbation problem was an issue for anyone else in the cast, Tommy Flanagan and Dayton Callie both acted as if they, too, had lost digits as punishment for the chronic habit.

Then there was creator Kurt Sutter, who - in response to a question about Callie's Wayne Unser and his feelings for Gemma, portrayed by Sutter's better half, Katey Sagal - replied: “Maybe it’s me, but I assume everyone wants to f-ck my wife.”

SOA at PaleyFest

Sutter also addressed questions about season five, which he's only just begun to write.

"I've always wanted to play this idea of putting Jax at the head of that table," he said, referring to events from the season four finale and teasing that episode to come would explore "the ripple effect of that on the guys and the loyalties of it and where people land."

The executive producer and serial Tweeter ("I’m so desperately in need of attention," he joked) added that the character of Damon Pope would be introduced and play a key role in responding to Tig's "clusterf-ck" from the finale, which led to the death of Pope's daughter.

But the season will come down, as you might expect, to the new SAMCRO President. Said Sutter

"The interesting dynamic to play out this season is seeing Jax at the head of that table and the struggle that he has of being king. How can you be the leader of an organized crime syndicate and not become Clay? And if you choose not to become Clay, are you doomed to the fate of John Teller?"

Other highlights moments from the panel:

  • The gang making fun or Ron Perelman lack of motorcycling skills, with Tommy Flanagan (above) re-enacting his co-star's face when he tops out at 11 miles per hour on the bike.
  • Theo Rossi sharing a story about freaking out Tom Cruise at the Super 8 premiere when he arrived in full on Juice attire, including mohawk and tattoos.
  • Might Sutter actually pen a prequel for FX? "I see it as a different show," he said of focusing on the First Nine. "Not a continuation or another version of Sons of Anarchy, but a more political and socially historical sort of show. I definitely have some interest in doing it. I’d like to explore it in some capacity.
  • Steven Tyler was originally meant to play David Hasselhoff's porn king, but the singer got caught up on tour with Aerosmith.
  • Sagal said she has no idea what will happen with Gemma on season five, but it's clear what she wants to see happen: "I think Gemma should sit at the head of the table."

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