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"Pink Champagne on Ice" brought us another acquaintance from Jane's past- and one more punch in the nose. Patrick should really be more careful with that pretty face. Didn't he take a clocking to the kisser in one of the last episodes?

But as much as I liked revisiting Jane's questionable past, I found Jack the magician to be one of the least intriguing of his former cronies. Of course Jack had fallen on hard times and it showed in the cheesy casino magic show. Honestly, they couldn't give away enough watered down drinks to get me to sit through that mess.

Obviously Jack hasn't kept up on Patrick Jane since he had no idea what had happened to him in the 16 years since they'd last met. How exactly do you start that conversation? My wife and child were slaughtered by a mad man. How have you been?

Casino Bound

I figured Jack's assistant was the killer almost from the beginning. I almost couldn't blame her, though. I'd be desperate to find the cash to dump that awful magic show and get out of those cheap costumes too. Okay, maybe not desperate enough to go around shooting people, but you get the point.

Grace has been getting the best crazy suspect interviews of late. This time, it was Trish claiming she had a conscience because she at least felt bad about killing people where Ryan had no moral compass because he just didn't care. Somehow I don't think the victims with the bullets in them could appreciate the distinction.

The casino heist storyline was a bit of a surprise. Seemed like someone had been watching a little too much Ocean's 11, yet somehow Jane got the CBI team on board. I loved the team banter after Jane's pitch. In one of the many entertaining The Mentalist quotes, Cho and Rigsby remarked:

Cho: He said trust me.
Rigsby: Always a bad sign. | permalink

The heist did leave me with one question: If they needed the head of security's key to get into the hallway with the safe and Jane had one of the cronies return the key while they were breaking into the vault... how did they get back out without the key? Didn't security lock that door when he made his second round or did I miss something?

But the bigger looming question of the night was why was Cho bringing Summer flowers? Romantic gesture or lover's spat? Talk about teasing your audience. I want the back story.

All in all it wasn't one of my favorite episodes this season. We didn't see much of Lisbon, although it was fun to have her pop out of the box. With only a few more shows left before the season finale, I'm expecting big things to come.

Pink Champagne on Ice Review

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