Bones Promo: Baby Christine Winks!

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Bones finally returned with a new episode last night, and it was worth the wait.

"The Prisoner in the Pipe" blended humor and heart as Booth and Brennan solved a case inside a federal prison and welcomed beautiful daughter Christine in a manger, obviously. Is there a more appropriate venue?

Follow the link for our Bones review for a full rundown of this milestone installment for the long-running Fox hit. Looking ahead to next week, things are only going to get cuter! The baby laughs! And winks!

Okay, maybe she just has something in her eye, but everything about her is downright adorable. Sniff. Lest we forget that Bones is also still a crime drama, however, she'll be in daycare for at least part of the episode.

"The Bump in the Road" features mangled corpses (flattened like pancakes, no less), photos of which are mistakenly emailed to the daycare director. It happens. There's also some serious cross-dressing involved.

Watch Fox's promo for "The Bump in the Road" below ...

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