Bones Sneak Peeks: Meet the New Nanny!

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On next week's Bones, Booth and Brennan are scrambling after their young one gets kicked out of daycare. Yes, a baby getting kicked out of daycare. That's a first, for sure, but Christine can thank her mom for it.

In "The Family in the Feud," Brennan's extremely assertive parenting style is questioned by Bones and Sweets, and it leaves the new parents high and dry as far as childcare goes ... at least until Booth has an idea.

Check out the four sneak preview clips below, in which the aforementioned trio discuss the events at the diner, Brennan comes onto Booth at a crime scene, and Booth introduces her to the new "nanny" he hired.

That would be her dad, guest star Ryan O'Neal. Suffice it to say "Tempy" is uncomfortable:

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